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Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Great experience working with the District of Columbia students from Ward 7 and 8.
Maya Angelou PCS- Residential Counselor, Washington, DC - March 19, 2014
My typical work day consists of:
*Providing individualized and group therapy sessions
*Monitoring students' academics, behavior, and attendance
*Conducting student mediations
*Contacting parents and outside support workers
*Providing supervision for students within a residential setting
*Overseeing culture enrichment activities for students within a residential setting
*Conducting student/parent relationship workshops, and etc.

I have learned from working this job that you have to be truly dedicated and that one will not always get the results wanted. Patience is truly an asset when working with children and it will get you very far. Even though you are given a specific job title, sometimes you have to be the one person who picks up the slack of another, to ensure that the job is done.

I have some of the best co-workers that any worker would appreciate. Everyone works together to ensure that no one is left behind.

The hardest part of my job is seeing the potential in students who are not able to see it in themselves.

The most enjoyable parts of my job are the students and my co-workers.

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