About Seha

Seha is also the manufacturer of vehicle tracking systems. Seha has a iso9001:2000 certificate for the production of vehicle tracking systems. Apart from these different securityand CCTV systems are in our range.

Seha is an authorized exporter of water meters.

Seha is a manufacturer of suteks paints.

Seha is the mainufacturer for vikink cartridge cleaners. Powerful cleaner for clogged cartridges and ink jet printheads. Breaks down dry ink easily and will not damage copper and plastic parts. Plese visit our website for details.

Seha is the manufacturer of vikink inks, ink jet printer refill ink, special indelible ink. Please visit our website for details.

Seha exports accumulators and batterys. Visit our website for details.

Seha is an exporter of agricultural machinery and products. Seha has previously supplied countires such as Iraq and Afghanistan with agricultural machinery. Please email your requests for detailed evaluation.



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Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
health care providing
General practitioner, Abu Dhabi - February 9, 2015
Participate in team work to serve patients in perfect way.
1.Out patient clinic , during this time :
primary care of cold cases .
follow up with patient with hypertension and diabetes .
medical fittness ( school , pre employment, sport , premarital )
2.Emergency room .