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Sintesi develops high-performance components and solutions for sophisticated motion and position control of mechatronics systems. It is a unique international company because of its capability to integrate mechanical, electronic, computer and physical sciences that allows its solutions to overcome the limits of traditional technologies.

Until today,
 – more... the manufacturers and designers who wanted to increase the dynamic and accuracy performances of machines beyond conventional values were forced to face the limits connected to the mechanical structure and to the standardization of Motion Control systems, with resulting modification and customization troubles.

Sintesi, with its components and solutions, introduces an EVOLUTION in the world of robotics and machine tools that allows the designer to overcome these limits, either leaving mechanical architectures unchanged or even redesigning them using carbon fibre to achieve extreme dynamic performance.

In Product Section you can know our product and how they are applied on machine tools and robots for increase their performance. The Sintesi portfolio includes inertial measurement systems, capable of measuring the elastic deformations of the structures, optoelectronic measurement systems, capable of measuring sub-micrometric movements and thermal deformations (even for large machines), actuator systems and carbon fibre components that, thanks to the new methodologies used, open a new era for the manufacturers of robots, machines and CMM. Through the implementation of Sintesi systems it is therefore possible to achieve micrometric precisions and cycle times up to 15-20% lower with the simple use of our sensors linked to the control.

In Solution Section you can find our Motion and Position Solutions which allow overcoming limits of traditional systems. Moreover in Case History you can discover how same of largest world players in the robotics and autimation sector have applied our product and solutions achieving performance improvement, accuracy and better motion control of their systems.

Besides, in New Product & Solution Section you can read the upgrade and latest news about our portfolio.

Our solutions bring sensing, control and carbon fibre technology on the machines thus requiring limited investments without altering their mechanical structure or increasing the complexity of the productive process. – lessMore from ZoomInfo »

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