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Great place to work with opportunity to grow
Employee at Smarty Had A Party (Former Employee), Maryland Heights, MOSeptember 4, 2014
Pros: opportunity to grow, wonderful fun environment, employee focused
Cons: lack of a complete brand identify (but they were working on it)
I worked at Smarty Had A Party from near the start of the company. We originally only had a handful of employees and quickly grew to having a BUNCH of employees (Smarty is BIG now!).

I wore many hats doing marketing, pr, customer service, administrative and more.
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Small company great passion
Customer Service Representative/Internship (Former Employee), St. Louis, MOJune 6, 2014
I loved Smarty. The employees were awesome. Super nice and always willing t o help. They modeled after Zappos. My job was fairly quiet. I had multiple things to do, such as filing, customer service, Sample serving, research and so forth. I would say the hardest past of working there was working with my employer from a different job as many times those lines got blurred and caused a few problems. I really enjoyed talking with the customers.
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Smarty Had A Party Is A Great Place to Work!
SEO Specialist (Current Employee), St. Louis, MoAugust 20, 2013
Pros: it's a great place to work and fun too, the company really cares about their customers and their employees, great pay, vacation and personal days off, your birthday is a paid day off that you can use within a year, employee discount on party supplies, fast growing company with some great career opportunites.
Smarty Had A Party is a great place to work I highly recommend it. The owner is awesome and so are all the managers. They are always recognizing employees and they really care about their employees like they are family. They encourage employees to help each other out, which also makes it a great place to work. My co-workers are exceptional and make my job enjoyable and a fun place to work.

My job isn't hard or stressful and it doesn't seem like anyone there is stressed out like most companies. The company does care about quality, which makes them an exceptional company. The most enjoyable part of the job is seeing all the excellent customer reviews we get. I have never worked for a company that cared about their customers like Smarty Had A Party does. It's truly amazing! It makes it nice, when you have happy customers. Another enjoyable part of the job is having a great owner, managers and extremely nice co-workers. I am really glad I found this job, there are not many companies out there like this one.
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Smarty had a terrible party
Warehouse Coordinator/Office Assistant (Former Employee), Maryland Heights, MOJuly 29, 2013
Pros: it's easy work, the employees in the warehouse are fun and keep each other going throughout the day, the ladies in the call center are sweet and fun.
Cons: lies about having health care, management needs work.
The main people running the place are poor excuses for management. They don't seem to have any experience running a warehouse, if they have any management experience at all.

-A worker voiced their opinion that the office had privileges over the warehouse and in response got moved into the office with no choice.

-A worker got fired after asking for a raise when another worker did the same and received a raise.

-HR is highly unprofessional, they give employee phone numbers to other employees without permission and discuss work situations with employees outside of work.

-HR has told multiple employees "I shouldn't be telling you this, but.." It's unprofessional. Don't tell lies trying to be friends with the workers.

-Management lies on write ups and when it's brought to their attention, it's dismissed.

-Management lies in general over small things. They can't seem to own up to mistakes or admit they are wrong.

-Whenever a question or situation comes up, all management can answer is I don't know, or I will get back to you and they never do. You have to stay on them for them to do anything.

-They advertise in job postings that they have health benefits and they don't. They haven't had anything in a couple years and continue to promise their employees they will have it.

If you can find a job somewhere else, I highly suggest it. No one sucks that much to be treated so terrible by an employer. If you have a mind of your own and speak up when you have a problem with something, it will get thrown right back in your face. They have good people working for them and call the company – more... and all their employees a "family" but it's all a crock. If that's what a family is really like, then I feel bad for them. It's a family of weakness, lies, and shadiness. People deserve better than this company and they treat their employees like they have nothing without this place. They have their employees afraid to stand up and say something when things aren't okay because everyone that has, has gotten fired or have been put in a spot where they can find a reason to fire them. – less
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