Junior Financial Analyst
Social Intelligence - Santa Barbara, CA

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Junior Financial Analyst
Social Intelligence Corp.
Santa Barbara, California
The Position: Junior Financial Analyst

Duties: The Junior Financial Analyst will be involved with accounting and finance functions, the preparations of financial reports and analytics, as well as providing a view of budgets and projections. The successful candidate will have previous experience with QuickBooks and extensive knowledge of MS Excel. 4 year degree is required. This position will report to the COO.

The Company:
Social Intelligence offers social media screening and investigative services including employment background checks, insurance claims investigations, corporate due diligence, government services, and more. Social media content provides valuable information for a myriad of decisions, but it needs to be used properly. Social Intelligence provides unrivaled, custom-tailored solutions for human resources, insurance, corporate, and government to help organizations leverage the benefits of social media research while reducing costs, time, and legal risks.

Initial Products:
Social Intelligence Hiring, our pre-employment background screening product, lets employers and hiring professionals reap the benefits of using social media in making hiring decisions, without the legal risks.

Social Intelligence Monitoring tracks the public online activity of existing employees. The primary goals of employee monitoring are to enforce an organization’s social media policy, increase productivity, and mitigate the risk of a potential disaster.

Social Intelligence Claims Verify arms claims adjusters and special investigations personnel with a comprehensive view of claimants that has often been hidden from view. Too often, by the time fraud is discovered, the carrier has already made payments that may never be recovered. Utilizing proprietary web search technology, Social Intelligence Claims Verify uncovers claim-critical, yet publicly available information from a wide variety of social media channels. The resulting custom reports detail only that information found to be relevant and useful to the claim, which can often provide the key to resolving suspicious claims.

Social Intelligence Claims Monitoring provides claims professionals with the peace of mind to confidently process claims by delivering post-claim monitoring of suspicious claims and claimant activity. Claims professionals have long sought an efficient way to monitor suspicious claims that cannot be denied – and are therefore paid – but remain suspect. Social Intelligence Claims Monitoring equips claims professionals with tools and technology not previously available, uncovering information from a wide variety of social media channels after a claim has been processed. Carriers can specify a monitoring period and receive alerts when claim activity is detected. Social Intelligence Claims Monitoring provides claims professionals with a simple, yet highly efficient and cost-effective solution for monitoring and resolving suspicious, long-tail claims.

Social Intelligence Insurance Solutions

Social Intelligence Underwriter uncovers valuable online information about potential and existing commercial line policyholders, providing underwriters with a more complete view prior to rating and classifying. With proprietary web search technology and the expertise of skilled analysts, Social Intelligence Underwriter uncovers aspects of commercial line policies and policyholders that traditional databases and information repositories not associated with social media often miss. Leading analysts concur that social networks and media contain valuable information that can directly impact the accuracy of rating, classification, and underwriting. Furthermore, more accurate rating and underwriting will correlate to a reduction in fraudulent claims and overall losses. Social Intelligence Underwriter’s comprehensive reports provide underwriters with a powerful tool to better understand policyholders and perform their jobs more effectively.

About this company
Social Intelligence, a Riv Data Corp. company, is the leading provider of social media screening and research solutions to a wide range of...