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About Socrata

Government Open Social Data on Socrata (GOSDOS) is a user group for people with the common interest in making government public data more accessible, interactive, engaging and use the Socrata platform to enable the sharing and socializing of public data.

The group began after an Information Processing Managers
 – more... Association (IPMA) professional development event held in Olympia, WA on January 26, 2011. At this meeting, presenters from Socrata, the state of Oregon, the city of Seattle and King County discussed implementation of open data sites on the Socrata platform. Meeting attendees expressed a desire for a user group that would meet virtually and continue the discussion.

We come together to exchange ideas, discuss best practices and share lessons learned about making public data accessible and transparent to all. Most of the time, this happens through virtual meetings, though we have had one physical meetup.

Meeting agendas are built organically by the group organizers (listed below) and reflect new uses of the tool by our various jurisdictions, new features (thanks to Socrata participation), and problems/solutions/best practices that we share.

Please be cognizant that the 3/8 meeting will be a discussion about group infrastructure/organization and not the actual usergroup meeting; participants in the 3/8 meeting should be interested in being on the usergroup steering committee. – lessMore from ZoomInfo »