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Solae sees the joy in soy. The company develops, makes, and markets 1,000-plus soy-based products used by thousands of customers in nearly 100 countries worldwide. Solae manufactures soy proteins that are used in a variety of foods and beverages, including V8 Splash smoothies, Gardenburgers, Mori-Nu non-dairy pie fillings and pudding mixes, Yves Veggie Cuisine deli slices and hot dogs, and Medifast shakes. Solae's soy ingredients are also used in pet food and animal feed. In addition to edible soy products, the company makes soy-based polymers and lecithins used in a number of industrial applications. The company is owned by DuPont, which purchased the remaining 28% of Solae from Bunge Limited  in 2012.

Solae, formed in 2003 as a joint venture between DuPont and Bunge, has offices, manufacturing facilities, and other centers in North America, the Asia/Pacific region, Europe, and Latin America.

As part of its business strategy, Solae holds more than 100 patented and 340-patent-pending technologies. It has collaborated with other food, food ingredient, and biotechnology companies in recent years to develop new soy proteins that are easier on the taste buds and more marketable. It has teamed with Danish chemical company Novozymes to create new soy-based ingredients for food manufacturers, as well as food-ingredient company Senomyx to develop flavor ingredients to enhance the taste of soy proteins. Alongside Monsanto Solae has worked to create a soy bean oil using GMOs (genetically modified organisms) that's rich in omega-3 fatty acids.



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