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Offering more health services than colors in the rainbow, Spectrum Health is a regional health system that serves western Michigan. The not-for-profit network operates nearly 10 hospitals that boast more than 1,900 beds. Its health system provides a variety of services, from general surgery to specialized cancer care. Besides its Spectrum Health Medical Group and West Michigan Heart, Spectrum Health also operates Priority Health, a health plan with 600,000 members. Spectrum Health also runs more than 180 service sites, which include urgent care centers, primary care physician offices, community clinics, rehabilitation and other outpatient facilities, and continuing care residences and services for the elderly.


Spectrum Health's other hospitals include Blodgett Hospital, Butterworth Hospital, Kelsey Hospital, Reed City Hospital, and United Hospital. Blodgett Hospital expanded in 2010 with a new patient care addition consisting of 285 private rooms, new and renovated nursing units, and renovated public spaces.

Spectrum Health conducts hundreds of research studies each year through its Institutional Review Board. The organization has more than 300 physicians involved in research as investigators and at least 6,000 patients enrolled in heart and cancer clinical studies.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The company has expanded its health network in recent years through acquisitions. Spectrum Health acquired Gerber Memorial Health Services, which operates a 60-bed hospital near the company's service area, in 2010; the facility now operates as Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial.


The health system regularly expands its footprint. In 2011 Spectrum Health opened a new 14-story building for its Helen DeVos Children's Hospital. The health network is also focused on expanding its health plan operations, which account for about half of annual revenue. To this end, Priority Health has added about 100,000 customers in recent years by offering plans in eight new counties in northern Michigan and by adding the Bronson Healthcare provider network in southwestern Michigan.

Company Background

Spectrum Health was formed through the 1997 merger of Blodgett Hospital and Butterworth Hospital. Kent Community Hospital joined the organization in 1999, and the United Memorial Health System (Kelsey Hospital and United Hospital) became a member in 2003



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Run away, don't walk
Administration, Grand Rapids - July 30, 2015
I worked for SH for 2 years and saw a lot of stuff. Upper management played favorites and that's how promotions and hiring decisions were made. I was openly denied full time at one point because I was pregnant despite the fact that my counter part also was. I was never trained on things I should have been and then criticized later. One coworker was accepting gifts from patients which is supposed to be a major violation, but when you kiss up to the right people it gets overlooked. And I found out I lost my job officially by reading it in the paper during a medical leave. I could go on and on, but I figure one day all the garbage of this supposed nonprofit will come back to them.

Advice: talk to other who no longer work at SH, many will tell you about sudden job loss, being punished for departments not earning enough during a month, or not making patients happy enough (no scores lower than a 4 on patient surveys), pay cuts, etc.


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