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Working at Spherion

  • LINDALATTIEMORE@YAHOO.COM in Apopka, Florida 4 months ago
    I was on unemployment and Spherion accused me of not reporting back to them after an assignment in a timely manner. They use another company, I think it is called TALX Corporation that keeps track of people and Spherion needs to enter in the information into this system. Otherwise they can cut off your unemployment claim. I have all paperwork to prove that I kept in contact with my office every two weeks. Although Spherion is telling me otherwise. Now I have to go to court to get my unemployment claim reinstated. Has anyone had this happen to them, or is it only my Spherion office here at City of Industry, CA?
  • Spherion-what a joke! – 81 replies in Alpharetta, Georgia 7 months ago
    They a a bunch of misleaders!!!They tell you they will find you work,and nothing happens.I would never recommend this company are others like them to anybody!!!!!
  • Nietzsche in Houston, Texas 7 months ago
    Here is a list of Staffing Companies the are a waste of time to register with. 1.APPLEONE--Blacklists you for turning down anything. 2.SPHERION--Ignores you and doesn't keep you informed. 3.ADECCO--In San Antonio--Once they place you and you find you don't like it and leave they will not replace you anywhere. 4.V.I.P in San Antonio--They require a drug test before they place you and if they do place you again you have to retake it for the company. My opinion that it upon placement. 5.RANSTAD--If you have limits on what hours you can work they will not really try to place you. 6.COMSYS--WORST OF ALL recruiter will call you,offer job, you come in register, at the end of registration,recruiter will say she needs to get authorization to send you to the job opening, recruiter doesn't get ahold of the person that day or next, I then decide to call recruiter at the end of week to find out when I can start, recruiter then tells me I am sorry but the company decided to fill position internally, this has happend 2 times with this same staffing company.I called the corporate office to complain they never responded and did nothing to help me, recruiter then emailed me and said she could no longer help me. DON'T EVEN REGISTER WITH THEM MAJOR LET DOWN.
  • Spherion – 0 replies
    Unemployed Schaumburg Illinois in Schaumburg, Illinois 12 months ago
    Spherion is a horrible company, they don't care one bit. Worked for them for almost 5 years all of a sudden fit a call from sup in CA at 6:30 in the evening that I was being let go!!! When I asked what the reason was she said PROFANITY AND JOB NEGLECT!!! I was a very shy and quiet 59 year old grandma that hardly ever swears (especially at work), plus my husband had been without a job for 3 1/2 years why would I jeopardize my job!!! When family and friends asked why they let me go after 5 years, they were shocked. Plus when I was employed I had to put up with a lot of verbal abuse from the guys that I worked with( I was the only female),but nothing was ever done about that, yet they accuse me of profanity. It was very unfair!! The whole situation just about killed,I was treated like a criminal and did nothing to deserve it! It has been almost 2 years and it still is affecting my life, would never would work or recommend them to anyone that's for sure. Was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience with Spherion?
  • stuart beattie in United Kingdom 13 months ago
    Just another piece of crap recruiting company. I wish had some kind of filter that could be turned on to knock out ads by these clowns.
  • Scammers – 6 replies
    Eric in Lima, Ohio 32 months ago
    This company is crap -they're centralized in Lima Ohio so that should tell you a lot. I worked through them for a nice company in Ohio. First they took our vacation time and holiday pay away. Then after a huge layoff, they tried to deny I had ever worked for them. Good thing I keep copies of all pay stubs. Stay clear of Spherion.
  • needing work in Baldwin City, Kansas 44 months ago
    I applied for this job that states "This is a long term, full time position! Room for advancement!!!" I applied and was called back a few days later to come in for an interview. The interview was me watching a safety video taking a safety test. I was suppost to take a drug test that day aswell but I was told they didn't have the proper paperwork. They said I could start on the following Monday with orientation at 6am and if needed stay and work. This should have threw uo a red flag but since most places I have been don't have you start the same day as orientation I didn't think much of it. I call back a couple days later to see if they have the paperwork for the drug test and still they don't. Well I was still allowed to go through orientation which the person was not ready for and started 45 minutes late. There is a group of 5 of us in this group. After orientation ends the person tells us she only needs 50 people a day to fill the production needs and that she has around 60 already on a list to call from. I'm thinking The Department of Labor would be interested in these false and misleading ads.
  • Angry Guy In London in Scarborough, Ontario 49 months ago
    I worked for spherion for a couple of months as an internal recruiter. Just to let you know how it went, I quit after 2 months of being abused, sworn at, mistreated, lied to and had my (originally agreed to) pay cut. They didn't train me, talk to me and wanted me to do some pretty frikkin disturbing stuff. However, I still don't think of spherion as a bad company, but I do think that my branch was one of the worst (is that even a word?) branches in the whole corporation. I hate generalizing like some of the people on here do. You have one bad experience with a company and automatically 800 branches with 50 thousand people all s__u_c_k? That's like "Corporate Racism" Lol. Anyways, dont generalize but I will agree that spherion does have a higher percentage of BS recruiters than most I will not go as far as saying that they ALL s*_u*/c_k. My 2 cents, The Dude
  • earl johnson in Dublin, Georgia 50 months ago
    It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview process like at Spherion? Any advice on striking the right note?
  • in Marysville, Ohio 53 months ago
    Do you work at Spherion? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?
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