PHP/MySQL Developers: 12 REASONS why programmers love to work for us
SurfMerchants - Boston, MA

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1) Work from Home 50% of the Time (& wear shorts 100% of the Time):

No micromanagers needed! Our people kick ass equally from their living room couch or from our downtown Boston office, in business suits or spandex.

2) Ridiculous Job Security

We've never laid anyone off since our very first day in 1998 (even through the dot bomb era and the recent recession).

3) The Kegerator, the Ball Pit and the ... uh ... Toilet Bowl.

We try to be cool, but it always ends up a bit silly. Our B.M.G. (Beer Management Group) keeps our Kegerator filled, our "Team Balls" keeps our Ball Pit filled, and our Fantasy Football Commish keeps our last place "Toilet Bowl" trophy ... um, filled (with a plant!)

4) Work with Nice, Smart, Successful People
One of the nice things about owning our own company is that we don't have to work with jerks ... or fools ... or losers.

5) You'll Get REALLY Good at What You Do.
We're #1 in our industry and some days it's a bitch to live up to that reputation. But every day we get better ... and so will you.

6) 2 Million+ People Use Our Stuff)
Don't look now, but that thing you're working on? It matters to a lot of people ... MILLIONS of people.

7) Good Ideas Rule ... Job Titles Drool

Whether you're the Boss or the %@^&#@ New Guy, your good ideas will get respect and your bad ideas will get skewered.

8) The Inno-Vacation

Everyone gets an "Inno-Vacation" every year - a week when they're banished from the office and get to pursue some project they've been dying to work on - no red tape, no naysayers.

9) You Can Be Yourself (Unless You Suck)

We've accepted all kinds:
Straight, Gay, Transsexual.
Ex-musicians, Ex-military, Ex-strippers.
Red Sox fans, Red Sox fans, and non-Yankee fans.

10) Boring but Awesome: 100% Healthcare and Dental Care

We cover 100% of your healthcare and dental premium for individuals AND families. We even cover 50% of your deductibles, contribute 3-3.5% into your 401k (whether you put anything in or not), and provide short & long term disability, AD&D and term life.

11) People Stick Around

We've got a 95% retention rate. And half of our 30+ person staff has been here for more than 6 years.

12) The COMPANY is the goal

People often ask me what I would do if I sold the company for mega-millions.

I tell them I'd take a little of that money and build a small technology company made up of a bunch of smart, creative & fun people who love making cool stuff that people REALLY use. Why sell something that is already what you want ... and might never be able to build again?


PHP/MySQL Developer (Junior and Senior positions)
Needed: Open Source Ninjas! MySQL Musketeers! PHP Samurai!
Salary range: $55k-$75k (w /full benefits and 50% telecommute)
updated 4/2012


Are you a Programmer of Fortune, longing for a life of adventure on the (digital) seas?

Can you shoot down syntax errors from 30 paces ... after downing a 4 pack of Red Bull?

Can you silently dance though large swaths of friggin' ugly legacy code without leaving a footprint?

Can you lift blazing hot laptops with your bare forearms (and not cry out for your mommy)?

If so, you may be the Chosen One (or Chosen Two ... or Three) we have been looking for, lo these many years ... um ... weeks ...

We are looking for 1 junior-ish and 1 senior-ish PHP-MYSQL developer to join our team.

Our web application is the leading program in its industry and has been been in existence for eleven splendidly victorious and profitable years. With the victory and the profit comes a terrifying amount of customization requests from our clients, so we're looking for new coding warriors to help us beat back the teeming hordes.

  • We telecommute 50% of the time, for two reasons: First, our best code often gets "cooked" at home when we're barefoot and in ratty T shirts. Second, we tend to have too much of a good time hanging out together over our kegerator in the office. Therefore, this position requires on average 10-12 days a month in our office on the Boston Common - other days can be done from home.
  • This is not a job for you if :

- You prefer to work alone in your ivory tower without interference from mere mortals
- You're a C++/Java/etc... veteran developer who lives for compiled language environments but doesn't have PHP web development skills
- You're one of those kickass developers who somehow managed to avoid picking up practical SQL skills.
- You're a a rookie who can hook up a database to a web page but doesn't live and breathe Object Oriented programming.
- You're a Microsoft disciple
- You can't follow directions


You MUST reside in or near MA. 10-12 days in the office is ABSOLUTELY required, so please do not apply if you live out of commuting distance (or overseas!)
- 3 years experience in Web development, 5 years for senior developers
- 2 years experience in object oriented PHP development (Perl, Java, Cold Fusion, etc. are not equivalent for our purposes, as we need immediate proficiency in PHP), 4 years for senior developers.
- 2 years experience with SQL database development, 4 years for senior developers.
- Strong proficiency in javascript/AJAX/CSS/client side technologies REQUIRED (more than popups and rollovers - we're seeking the ability to construct complex user interface functionality)
- Computer programming degree (or bajillions of professional level projects under your belt so you could play a computer programming college graduate on TV if you really had to).
- Strong enough chops to fly in an environment chock thick with juicy concepts like Object Oriented programming, templating, database abstraction, CVS, inheritance, callback, iterations.
- 1 year experience in developing commercially utilized web applications (i.e. web apps that people actually use, not some academic exercise or speculative venture that never saw the light of day), 3 years for senior developers.
- Strong enough to voice your opinions and contribute your ideas, but flexible enough to accept final decisions.
- Able to communicate clearly with people who are less technical than you and people who are more technical than you.
- Funny, smart, and super productive.
- Know at least three of the following references : XKCD, Smell the Glove, African or European Swallow, 2112, Captain Hammer, Browncoats, Sons of Sam Horn, Archer, the meanings of “MMO, FPS, RTS, RPG”, Rose Tyler, “Candy Mountain, Charlie!!”


Started in 1999, SurfMerchants is a web development company that has thrived during the dot-bomb area by maintaining a fierce focus on sound business principles and patient, steady growth. We have no debt or venture capital on our backs and are “masters of our own domain” ... literally!
We're very proud of our 96% employee retention rate and of the fact that we've never laid off an employee for financial reasons.
Our company is 30 people strong and growing rapidly. We are completely open source developers, highly motivated but very easy to get along with.
We do not hire the uptight, the intolerant, or the non-funny because life is too short to spend with folks you can't stand !


Salary Range : $55k-75k
Benefits Package (All premiums are 100% covered by SurfMerchants):

  • Health Care (individual or family):

We pay 100% of your monthly premiums and 50% of your deductibles

  • Dental Care Coverage (individual or family)
  • Life Insurance
  • Accidental Death and Disability
  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability
  • 401 K retirement with automatic company contribution

(45 day vesting, company contributes up to 3.5% automatically with additional personal contributions permitted)
Work Environment :

  • 50% telecommute

- MWF : in our office on the Boston Common.
- T-Thu : Work from home (or office, if you prefer)
- Every 4th week : Work from home

  • Catered Lunches every Wednesday
  • Beer ‘O Clock Fridays ( at 4 PM on Fridays, we break out the Kegerator )
  • The Incenterator: Meet your goals and get $$ to spend on the fun incentive of your choice
  • The Inno-Vacation: Get 5 days/year working on the R&D project of your choice



Please fill out our online application at