Scrum/Agile .NET Developer
Syncromatics - Los Angeles, CA

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======== Scrum/Agile .NET Developer =============

== The Job ==

This section describes our dream candidate, which ideally would be you! They are not all "requirements", but this is what we're looking for in round terms. If you're on the fence, go ahead and apply -- we don't have hard and fast requirements and we know a talented developer when we see one.

  • We follow Scrum pretty strictly - daily standup, 1-2 week sprints, story points, retrospectives and planning meetings executed to the T. If you've got experience here this will help you get up to speed fast; if you don't it will be a great opportunity for you to learn how an agile-focused environment works in practice. If you're new to scrum, google "scrum in 10 minutes" and watch the video--it's quite good.
  • We work in C# primarily with a host of complement technologies like nUnit, nHibernate, redis, signalR, cassandra and a primary backend of SQL Server 2008 R2. Lots of different technologies come together in a beautiful way here.
  • There is both front-end work (jQuery, google maps, etc) as well as back-end work (windows services, TCP/UDP io with vehicles, arrival algorithms). We'd love it if you're strong in both but you don't need to be. You'll be working on a scrum team so you'll get in the mix pretty quickly and find your rhythm on the team. What you're not strong on you'll pick up quickly; where you are strong, others will benefit quickly from your experience.
  • There is also a side of the code that deals with in-vehicle code, which is Windows-CE based and .NET Compact Framework implemented, operating over cellular networks in real time. Track the bus!
  • We practice continuous integration fairly religiously. TeamCity and Bitbucket are the oil in our car, unit tests are the engine.
  • Generally speaking, we're hoping you have some working experience, 2-5 years would be ideal.
  • You don't need a college degree (but it is certainly not a bad thing if you've got one), but you do need to be a demonstrably talented, passionate and responsible programmer. We're hiring A players only here, which we know you are!

== The Environment ==

  • The technical side of the house currently has (3) IC's (individual contributors), one of whom doubles as ScrumMaster, with all reporting to the CTO who is also the founder.
  • The total team headcount is 15 including our highly appreciated interns and part-timers like the bookkeeper. The offices are at Wilshire/La Brea in Los Angeles and you'd need to work out of these offices in order to be a part of the scrum process.
  • You would be quickly integrated into the Scrum team, working with the ICs and directed by the ScrumMaster, with a reporting line to the CTO. Mostly, you and the team manage yourselves and keep the sprint deliverables on time.
  • This is a company that is quickly stepping out of startup shoes into grownup shoes. We've got a playroom wth an X-box and at the time of writing there was a rumor out there that one of the interns is soon donating a Super Nintendo to the mix.
  • All in all, if you interview with us you'll quickly find that we practice what we preach. This is a fun place to work, we value candor and feed creativity with a positive working environment and open door policies. We're flexible on working hours, technologies, and great ideas, and generally you'll find the satisfaction component of this job to be very high--you'll get the opportunity to speak to anyone on the staff you'd like to in order to get a sense of this, but when you meet us we're confident you'll sense the good energy in this office.

== The Company ==

  • Syncromatics ( does two things: we track the bus ( and we help the transit folks figure out why it doesn't work with on time performance reporting, passenger counting, and other important transit-related stuff.
  • The company installs, services, maintains and hosts the entire hardware/software solution to get this done, and your role would be to write code that works in the bus and on the servers to make buses run on-time for the public and let them know when they are coming.
  • There are about 30+ clients, the largest of which is LADOT. There's a fun story behind that involving the Mayor's Office and a Cleantech business plan contest win, but we'll save that one for the interview process when you're getting to know us better.
  • About that website of ours -- it'll be getting a facelift soon, so don't put too much stock in that.

== Compensation & Benefits ==

  • Full benefits including health/dental coverage for employee and dependents
  • Compensation depends upon (a) your relevant experience and (b) your demonstrated capability, which we'll measure quickly but fairly during the interview process.
  • Range is $75k - $110k, roughly--entirely dependent on your qualifications.

== How To Apply ==
1) Write us an email and let us know you read the above and how it relates to the position we're trying to fill. We want you to be as happy with this position as we are--think win/win!
2) Send your resume along with it, but understand that what you say about yourself and your experience (see #1 above) is more important to us than how polished the resume appears.
3) Sir or Madam cover letters aren't needed -- the more authentic you we get in the e-mail, the better. We're jeans and t-shirts sort of people, not suits.
4) If you'd like to include code samples or highlight projects you think are relevant, by all means please do.
5) Send that e-mail to development DOT hiring AT syncromatics DOT com. It will go directly to the hiring managers which includes the CEO and the CTO.

Thanks for taking the time to read the ad, and we look forward to talking to you soon.