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  • Will 9 days ago
    I got a call from TEKsystems. I call back and I talk to a nice lady, give her my background details, experience, etc. She says I'll get an email with some things to fill out. I never get it. It was a Friday, so I wait over the weekend thinking Id get it the next work day. Comes Monday, I get nothing. I call her back, no answer. I try again at a different time, still no answer. I leave a nice message explaining that I never received this email I was told that I would get.. I still haven't heard back from them. This is my first experience with a staffing firm. Whats the deal with these guys? Granted I'm looking for more entry level work, but do they just toss you aside if you're not a jack of all trades information systems guru? Goes to show how much they care about getting people hired.
  • summer31 in Naperville, Illinois 25 days ago
    I was wondering if someone could give me information on what the starting salary is for the recruiting/management trainee position and if its negotiable
  • itmn in Vancouver, Washington 3 months ago
    I found what they make per contract on my job and others. I am working on a federal site so the information is public. On the average they make 50% of my pay. I am not against them making $ as long as I make what is fair to me and I am treated with respect. After 5 years I have had no pay raise or sick time. The only time off I get when ill is taken from my two weeks time. They label it holiday time to comply with the feds in a very loose manner. Being in bed with the federal supplemental labor office helps too. Of course he is a high school football jock and his attitude reflects that. Plus when you work on a federal site there are rules that contract companies are supposed to follow. The Service Contract Act (SCA) is one of them. TEK does not follow this at all The account manager just sucks, that is all there is to it. Im sure he is the hero in the company as he has all his trophy's lined up for the million dollar years that he has orchestrated. When I reminded him of the SCA he told me that it was a tough market...that I over valued my skill sets and that they would not communicate to me in email form about it but would instead only communicate verbally. The only things I could do were to file against them with the DOL and record every conversation with them. I'm leaving soon as another company will pay more and will actually accumulate sick time and training $ for certs. You are meat for any and all head hunters. Stand your ground and get the most that you can from them. record all conversations on the sly. Don't expect anything from these pimps and you wont get let down. Good Luck
  • jtm_2009 3 months ago
    Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at TEKsystems? Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and t-shirts, or full-on suits? Do folks get together for Friday happy hours and friendly get-togethers? What is a typical day in the life of an employee at TEKsystems?
  • Teksystems lies – 30 replies
    Just Do It in Kailua, Hawaii 3 months ago
    I started a 6 month contract to hire with teksystems about a year ago. Kept getting the run around about not being hired. I have never seen tek offer a direct to hire position, and it isn't in their best interest to get you off their payroll and into a real job. The longer you contract through them the more you pad their pockets. I sincerely believe they negotiate their pricing and offer incentives to keep a person on a contract basis. My heartfelt advice to anyone out there that is considering one of these contract to hire positions is. Don't actually expect to be hired your best course of action is if you don't currently have a job take it and look for a perm position, unless your just wanting to get some experience in the field. Just my personal feelings and experience dealing with tek if they don't honor a written contract definately don't believe what they say and avoid them unless you are in desperate need of a job
  • Bluetea in Texas 7 months ago
    I was a w-2 contractor with Tek Systems in 2007. How do I get employment verification? I should be in their computers. I gave the 800- phone number to my new employer and Tek Systems is blowing them off. Everyone gives dates of employment. Why do they do this? Does anyone know how to get employment verification from tek systems?
  • Bad Experience – 43 replies
    MarMar11 in Carlsbad, California 7 months ago
    I was approached by TEKSystems in Raleigh and completely neglected. I emailed several times but my "Senior" recruiter basically ignored me. Apparantly I wasn't important enough for them. I would discourage anyone from using them as a recruiter.
  • CulturaMinds in Plano, Texas 10 months ago
    Problem: I was offered a contract job w/TEK, they wanted me to start the following Wednesday, didn't happen. Point being, my hiring date has been put off 3 times. Anyone come across this problem? I have no drug/background issues. But they did tell me since I've been married, my name changes have caused a delay in my background check. Does that sound legite? Other temp agencies got it done within 3-4 days.
  • MITUL PARIKH in Freeport, New York 13 months ago
    I have applied jobs for them many time and no reply. They don't email me back and do not respond. Click on the job description and get a location and search jobs based on the location. I have got many links using this technique.
  • God in Wichita, Kansas 13 months ago
    DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH ANY OF THE FOLLOWING Robert Half Technology TEK Systems Alegis Group KForce Manpower Professional Modis Omni Resources Spherion Technisource Unicon Internation Ajilon Judge Group Right now, every Tom, Dick, Harry, Rachael, Sue, Julie, Sarat, and Amir on planet Earth is trying to make a fast buck by being a temporary employer of some kind, yet the only real difference between each and every one of you is the amount of sales puff you can blow up an employer’s behind with the standard ‘WE ARE THE BEST” sales hype or the amount of payola that is paid to an employer to get a signed contract. Most of you lie, cheat, and steal on a regular basis to achieve your sales goals and maximize your cut of your secret billable rate. You also scour the resumes you receive for applicant placement and the help-wanted ads placed by employers to find new prey. Using resumes for marketing and sales is pretexting, which is getting private information about an individual under false pretenses, is wrong.
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TEKsystems, a subsidiary of staffing giant Allegis, provides IT consulting and staffing services from locations in North America – Read more

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