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ITPS is a volunteers formed unique non-profit missions organizations which provides paid teaching/mission positions to anyone with a heart to serve our Lord overseas. Applicants with student loans or legitimate personal debts are acceptable. Our effective & low cost missions opportunities open up a new avenue for global evangelism and outreaches. – more... Full-Time Missionary Positions: Churches and schools in Japan, Taiwan or China are looking for full time foreign missionaries to help thier youth/young adults programs or for special out reach activities, such as summer camps, winter camps etc., and they are willing to partially support the "Workers". Your income will be less than a teaching job. The positions are for those who have a desire to serve our Lord full-time. support raising is encouraged. Please pray for His calling and many lives will be changed forever because of you!

Do I need to have teaching experience to apply? The teaching experience helps, but not required in order to apply.

Can I change the job after one year? Yes. You may switch to any of the available positions after one year.

Do I have to raise financial support? Support raising for ITPS teachers is optional (it may also depend on which country you are called to), our teachers are making a relative high-income in countries compares with the locals. On the other hand, we do encourage all team members to raise support if needed. The raising of support also develops a prayer team to share your visions and joy for the missions. The support could be applied to your mission trip expenses, student loans, car loans or other legitimate personal debts. All donations are tax deductible per IRS regulations. Our support raising guidelines will guide you step by step for a successful fund raising precess.

Can teachers save money? Our teachers are earning considerably higher wages than most locals - except Japan. During the first couple of months you may not be able to save much while becoming acclimated to the new location. Once adjusted, you should be able to accumulate some savings. Some of the reasons for being able to save because there are low lodging, no car expenses and much lower income tax rates in Asian countries.

How much benefit do I really receive by going with ITPS? Moving to a new location could be a financial drain, especially for an overseas position. Relocating to a foreign country can also be a nerve-wracking experience. By joining the ITPS team you may enjoy the benefits from the support of our staff and the assigned national churches. The living arrangements prior to the team's arrival will save you weeks of hotel room costs while looking for a suitable apartment. Other benefits include the help from your supportive teammates and our network of national brothers and sisters in Christ. Above all, our prayer team will constantly present you before His Throne.

What spiritual support do I need for the missions? Before the departure, a team of 5 intercessors and prayer warriors should be built by you to support you in prayers throughout the duration of the mission. They should be people who have God's heart for you and who will be consistent in their prayers, in going before God's Throne on your behalf. This intentional, consistent intercession will increase the effectiveness of the ministry to which you are called. Intercessors will also act as watchmen on the walls, guards on alert, gatekeepers, and agents of preservation. They will be instrumental in creating a shield around you as well as providing you with increased physical and spiritual strength. In reality, you will be in ministry together. One is operating in the visible realm while the other is operating in the invisible realm. Only when the two are joined together in a team will you be able to carry out God's purposes for you within the Kingdom.

Are the teaching materials provided? For most assignments, the teaching materials are provided by your school or employer. On some occasions, you may have to work with your host church to build up their library and teaching curriculum for the church's English program.

How does the Admissions process go? When all necessary supporting documents arrive at the ITPS, the Admissions Board will process the application and conduct a personal or phone interview. Upon the completion of a final review, a confirmation will be sent to inform the applicant of a decision. The review process usually takes two weeks.

Am I sent with a team? Yes, you will always be going with a team.

Why is the summer team taking off in June? The Asian school summer vacation beginning at the end of June. Our team members will be helping the summer camps in China, Taiwan, Japan and Russia for evangelical outreaches. It will not only help you learn the hands on teaching and cross cultual experience, but also help the national churches for their summer outreach programs. On top of these, the school interviews mostly are performed in the month of June and July.

How do ITPS teachers receive teaching positions? In China, the team's teaching positions will be pre-arranged prior to the TEFL training. However, in Taiwan, the teachers could be pre-arranged and hired by schools before their arrival in country, but it may not serve the best interest to our teachers. Some schools require fewer working hours with better benefits and much higher salary than others which require longer working hours, because they are better financed and managed. As the result, many foreign teachers are competing for these "good" schools through interviews. If our teachers are seeking better positions, they will have to be interviewed by these schools. The other benefit for interview is that the teachers will have a chance to visit the school and meet with the staff before a contract is signed. ITPS Coordinators will help set up interviews and other issues.

Does ITPS print a publication or periodical? No, in order to keep the information constantly updated and save huge printing costs, ITPS efficiently conducts its service through internet while posting most of its info on the web. It is a paperless process from applications to teacher's acceptance. Our teachers also receive weekly devotional and periodical news through emails- Computers are widely available at the churches or apartments overseas where our teachers stay.

Should I arrange my own room & board while attending Missions training in California? ITPS will provide free host families or hotel rooms for team members' two-week stay. The cost for meals is about US$75-$100 for two weeks. If you have a friend or relatives in Orange County, CA, you may stay with them if you choose to.

Why does ITPS charge a fee? ITPS is a registered 501(c) non-profit ministry. The adminstration fee is to cover missions training, overseas coordination and overhead costs. The overhead includes office expense, recruiting & conference fees, transportations, mailing, web maintenance, travel and overseas development. While we have worked to limit our expense in many areas, other costs continue to increase as the ministries expand.

How much is the administrative deduction from my raised support? Your tithes and 10% of your raised support will be contributed to the administration expense, local church needs, China & Central Asia minority/metro missions and overseas missions development. With your faithful contribution, more workers will be sent to the harvest fields and many more will come to know Jesus.

How do I receive a teacher's visa? China -- The teachers should apply for a China tourist visa through our travel agent. Detailed instructions will be provided, it is a very simple process. The school in China will help the teachers to apply for the Z status visa for long term stay. Taiwan -- Taiwan tourist visa is required. After receiving the work permit from a school , you must apply for a resident visa or Alien Resident Certificate (ARC). If you arrived in Taiwan with a Visitor's Visa, you may change your visa status without departing Taiwan by applying at the Bureau of Consular Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taipei, Taichung or Kaohsiung. If you are entered under the Visa Waiver Program or a port of entry tourist visa, you must depart Taiwan to apply for a Resident Visa. Those who are already in Taiwan should go to Hong Kong for a re-entry visa at the Chung Hwa Travel Service, 4th Floor, East Tower, Bond Center, #89 Queens Rd., Central Hong Kong, tel. 852-2-525-8315. Japan -- Tourist visa is not needed to Japan. Travelers with an US or Canadian passport will be granted a 90-day stay at the port of entry. The school in Japan will help the teachers apply for a teaching visa.

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