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Our company was founded more than three decades ago on one guiding principle: Customer relationships built on trust and simplicity deliver lasting value for everyone. In other words, happy customers equal happy companies.

Building those relationships across every channel, every interaction, every day – that’s not so simple. The always on, multichannel world in which we live creates challenges for companies and customers alike. Companies, trying to adapt to a new world of connectivity, are faced with disconnected technology systems, data silos, outdated processes and rising costs. Customers, increasingly empowered by technology, demand a better experience in exchange for their loyalty. The result is a disconnect that is costing brands billions and pushing customers away.

We have built our business to re-establish the crucial relationship between brands and consumers. We call it customer engagement, and it empowers a company to think beyond the tactics of one-off interactions toward a strategy of long-term relationship building and growth. We’ve leveraged our deep customer experience to provide a comprehensive suite of services that enable a company to delight its customers and deliver profitable returns to its shareholders.

  • Sometimes, we wear costumes in Costa Rica.
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Banking CSR, Springfield, MO - July 28, 2015
Poor pay, no raises (still making $10/hr after 3 years), little room if any for advancement. High turn over due to lack of any real job security. Week long furloughs (no pay) which has lasted for months previously, no sick days or vacation time. Only PTO. If you have to call in your paid time off you had accrued is used. Leaving little to no vacation time for most. If you are sick you reprimanded. With a three strikes your out policy many have had to stay at work while throwing up on the production floor in fear of loosing their job. Constant shift bids that can cause a family lots of uncertainty hoping you get the shift that will work with day care hours.I could go on but I believe this sums up the most of why I could never recommend this company.


Jobs in Englewood, CO

  • Director, Multimedia

    Englewood, CO
    TeleTech is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Provides development support for other TeleTech organizations....
  • Chief Experience Officer

    Englewood, CO
    TeleTech is bringing humanity back to business. Make TeleTech a partof the operational fabric of its clients’ business....
  • Pricing Analyst

    Englewood, CO
    TeleTech is currently searching for a Pricing Analyst to join our Corporate Finance team. Review and assist in the monitoring of costs aross all business units...
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