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Lillian Dickerson is one of our Medical Assistants at Piney Point Pediatrics! Watch this video to hear why she came to Texas Children’s, how she got here and how her and her team always leave time for a little bit of fun! #texaschildrens #ourpassion #ourpeople
Our nurses at Texas Children’s are natural innovators. For nurses Michael Pickett, Nicholas Keith and Anthony Bentley, a shared passion for patient-centered innovation ultimately brought them together. Their idea that became a reality? The launch of Texas Children’s first-ever Innovative Solutions Nursing Council that will be run entirely by staff nurses. #leadtirelessly #leadership #ourpassion #ourpeople #texaschildrens
At Texas Children’s we are a large and growing health system with many specialties and sub-specialties. Many times our care involves not one medical expert but a team of medical experts, including our pediatric anesthesiologists (pictured above). No matter where you fall into place within the one amazing team that is Texas Children’s, the support is always there to back you up.
#ourpassion #texaschildrens #ourpeople
Over the next four weeks, CEO Mark Wallace will be sharing his 10 Maxims of Leadership and highlighting the employees he believes have made Texas Children’s successful for decades. 
These employees, whether leaders by formal title or not, seek and find ways to make Texas Children’s better every day! Follow us for updates on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn! #leaders #texaschildrenleadership #leaders #ourpassion #ourpeople
When Texas Children’s Hospital opened its doors in 1954, we had 224,000 square feet of space located in the middle of the Texas Medical Center. Today, our medical complex stretches across the greater Houston area and consists of more than 8 million square feet of multi-floor buildings, offices and parking garages. Learn more about our ever expanding efforts and the people who make our hospital great at the link in our bio! #ourpassion #ourpeople #texaschildrens #texasmedicalcenter
Sharon Woolley reflects on her time, career and journey at Texas Children's: “Twenty-six years later, I am still learning and so appreciative to have spent so many years here—at what I consider to be the best children’s hospital in the nation.  I would like to thank all of the nurses, physicians, ancillary staff and leaders that I have interacted with during my career for their commitment and contributions towards making Texas Children’s what it is today.” . 
Start your own journey at Texas Children’s when you apply to join our team today! #ourpeople #ourpassion #ourcommunity #texaschildrens
"Advice that I have for becoming part of the PICU is come in and come ready for anything. You never know what's going to come through the door and if you're willing to learn, if you're adaptable and flexible, the PICU is the perfect spot for you." - Jenny Nguyen, RN in the PICU. .
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In June, 2,083 Texas Children’s employees committed to being more physically active as part of our Step Up for Patients First initiative. Along with getting more exercise in during the day, this commitment meant elevator space was freed up for patients and their families. We understand that providing quality care means world-class healthcare as well as the smaller things that make stays during the hospital a little easier! #texaschildren #ourpeople #ourteam #ourpassion