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The Dharma House

About The Dharma House

Imagine as an artist being able to call creativity to you. Or as a business person having the energy, drive and inspiration to be able to succeed beyond what you believed was possible. In the free dreams course, you will join artists, athletes, parents, scientists, inventors and business people as they are using the power of dreams to forward all areas – more... of their lives.

In the solace of sleep, the mind is able to unleash fantastic worlds not bound by space or time. Some believe that these images played in the theater of our minds are more than just imagination, that they may have a deeper meaning or message for our waking lives.

Since ancient times, people have searched for the meaning of dreams but it is only in the last few years that neurological research has revealed what actually happens inside our brain as we sleep. What scientists and psychologists now know is that there is a deeper meaning to our dreams. That dreams have the power not only to give us clues about our deepest desires and feelings but that who we think ourselves to be can actually be changed within the span of a single dream. – less

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