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Very Unprofessional Work Environment
Coordinator, Atlanta GA - November 12, 2012
I worked for AHA for about a few months. The typical work day can be very soothing from the very beginning but as the work day progresses depending on the department, task, project or manager over your department, it can be very stressful. AHA enjoys celebrating holidays, birthdays and depending on if you are a favorite, you will be recognized as a "STAR" employee. If you are an outcast, not a part of a selected group or not afraid to voice your option, you will experience various forms of retaliation, feeling as if you are in a hostile work environment or you may receive a possible write up or verbal reprimand from your manager for either a violation of a company policy, dress code or computer usage violation.

The management team was horrible including the human resource department. They never got to the root of the problem. Instead, they brushed over problems, sweep them completely under the rug, and never addressed them unless it is a liability or a potential law suit for their organization.

There were a few managers who were exceptional but leadership starts from the top and should reflect itself upon mid- managers and subordinate staff. Unfortunately, leadership, strong decision skills and effective communication were not practiced in this organization. I have never worked in an environment where there are so many secrets, confusion and so many managers in positions who did not know the first thing about being managers. Bottom line, poor Management.

The Co-workers were very diverse, educated and friendly. I can honestly say that what I miss the most about AHA are my past co-workers. I had a team of very strong, funny, supportive and loving co-workers and due to the amount of stress levels that we each experienced in our work environment, it was very pleasant to share a meal with one another, call each other to bounce off ideas and discuss tough challenges at AHA or just hang out to show support and to take a deep breath. I have developed very lifelong friendships with my co-workers and this has been the best gift given to me by God for being at AHA. The turnover rate is very high and there is no job stability here...if you are a favorite, you will make it but only to a certain level. AHA pays very well and the company knows this and uses it as a method to hold you in your position. If you work for AHA utilize this company stone or your gateway for gathering experience in working for a "Housing Authority".

The hardest part of the job is dealing with the various management styles. The most enjoyable part of the job is meeting wonderful co-workers and obtaining certain skill sets that you can take to another will learn to be patient, how to humble your tongue and by the end of your journey, you will find inner peace and step out on faith to leave AHA behind. The day I walked away from AHA was the day I realized how much stress I was under from one employer. I will never do this again no matter how much money I am paid.


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    Atlanta, GA
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