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IMS is the InstrumentReady company. Healthcare facilities turn to IMS to ensure that instruments are ready when the surgical team is ready. It means our teams, products, services, processes, technology, and infrastructure ensure instruments and everything we service are immediately available, completely prepared or in condition for immediate action – more... or use when the surgical team is ready. IMS helps you increase efficiency in sterile processing; manage instrument repair costs; decrease delayed surgeries caused by instrument problems; and ensure efficient surgical tray management. InstrumentReady is an increase in the state of readiness of the facility.

When healthcare facilities have engaged IMS at the appropriate level, they have received the following benefits:

1. By working with IMS, facilities increase their surgical cases. For most facilities, this is accomplished through a strategy of Proactive Maintenance®, education, competency validations, departmental evaluations, and periodic progress reviews. For other facilities that require a higher level, it is achieved by bringing in certified IMS surgical technicians and equipment to support the growing area of minimally invasive surgery. For facilities needing a bridge between the OR and Central Sterile, it requires deploying an IMS management and coaching team to create a true central sterile Center of Excellence.

2. By engaging IMS, facilities maximize instrument performance. Surgeons require scissors that "cut ... not tear," needle holders that "grip ... not slip," and endoscopes that are "clear ... not cloudy." IMS provides a myriad of services and products to help optimize instrument performance.

3. By accomplishing the above, surgeons and nurses can simplify their lives - leading to even greater productivity and time for other activities. With the capacity to increase surgical cases and maximized instrument performance, a greater level of simplicity is achieved. Simplicity means different things to different people, but facilities working with IMS find that their team members can focus and apply their skill to what they want. Surgeons can focus on being surgeons rather being frustrated by delays due to instruments not being ready ... nurses and techs can focus on patient safety and care instead of searching for instruments ... central sterile staff can focus on the quality of instruments and sets for the OR instead of fielding OR complaints.

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