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Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Great growth experience but I wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy
Activity Therapist, Centre Hall, PA - July 14, 2015
Management was terrible- positions were given to people unfairly without considering other (more) qualified candidates. Most employees in the Clinical Department don't last a full year, which speaks for itself. Even management positions aren't held for very long. Many people see this is a resting place, because forming a career out of this job would be impossible.

There is no support for employees and a lack of supervision both clinically and administratively. When employees reach out for assistance with tasks, they're accused of improper time management. Claims were made such as "if you're not working 80 hours a week, you're doing it wrong." There was far too much demanded of the job and no support to get it all done.

Paperwork is out of control and will consume most of your time.

I learned a lot about myself as a clinician and about working with psychiatric patients but in the end, I was burnt out from a lack of support/impossible demands.