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The Pasha Group, a family-owned company, delivers innovative transportation and logistics services worldwide, with an unwavering commitment to quality and customer service.

From vehicles to construction equipment to military or household goods and more, Pasha ensures each shipment moves quickly and efficiently through the transportation chain. Our specialized operating units work closely together, leveraging advanced tracking systems and technologies to provide the highest-quality service from a single source.

Automotive Services: Nationwide network of state-of-the-art port, distribution and service facilities.

Relocation Services: Freight forwarding and worldwide movement and storage of household goods for military and government employees.

Logistics Services: Privately owned vehicles and global freight forwarding.

Transportation Services: Storage of privately owned vehicles of military personnel, dependents and DOD civilians, and commercial storage.

Maritime Services: Terminal management and stevedoring for all types of cargoes, including steel slab, vehicles and project cargo.

Pasha Hawaii: Roll-on/roll-off service in the Mainland/Hawaii trade lane.

At The Pasha Group, we pride ourselves on the ability to anticipate and respond quickly to customers’ changing needs, and we continuously strive to enhance services and exceed customer expectations. Our name stands behind every move.

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Too many cooks in the kitchen
Executive Account Coordinator, Corte Madera and Reno - February 21, 2015
After having left Pasha a few years ago and being able to work with a stable Fortune 200 company the past few years, I figured I would off my honest input to how I viewed Pasha. This is just one person's view which I hope if you've been given an offer or plan to apply will offer you some general insight into Pasha.

They have a bloated management team that all seem to dislike each other, which in turn makes everything turn into a bureaucratic nightmare. To be promoted it has nothing to do with how well you know your position or how well you adapt to changes. 75% of the management team will are not looking to be there long-term and don't have a vested interest in the company. Sadly there is also a lot of middle management employees who don't have the experience for the various shipping divisions they manage.

Another time they brought in USC consulting to help streamline processes. USC did absolutely nothing out of the ordinary as far as improving processes, except make positions more tedious then should of have been. When I left 18 months ago no one was using the processes USC put in place because they were redundant and beyond elementary. Then USC Consulting felt many employees were of no use to Pasha, after a 2-5 minutes interview with employee on their job ops. After several months Pasha had to hire back 35% of those employees they laid off and paid severeness to because several employees were essential to daily ops and reports.

A lot of 10+ year employees left the company out of frustration after they had brought in a new management group and to only fire the group after 6 months. The last 3 years I was there I should have left as it was a complete waste of time, but the economy was not back in swing.

They're a decent place to work if you want to learn about freight logistics, but do not plan to go far in the company as most of the management and executive positions are outside candidates who come in every year and make more redundant changes that don't need to be made---but new managers need to feel like they have to do something. It's human nature and expected.

The pay is borderline below average with benefits being average. Most people never receive raises except for cost of living at 3-5% of your salary.

The minions, or people on the floor are a mix-mash of know-it-alls and sadists who were likely bullies in grade school. They love to pull you in and talk about other employee's personal problems or political views. Not everyone is like that, but most are.

The ratio of men and women is more women. Mostly older women who seem to be beat down in life as they don't really take care of themselves in a standard procedure for your typical office enviroment. The Corte Madera is little better than the Reno office, but not by much. The Reno office is on par with Reno 911 in dress, mentality, and intelligence.

If this was a public company they'd of been purchased in the Pink Sheets a few years back, if they could even command a penny a share.

Before 2009 they were an incredible company to work for. It was only when they brought in a new management team that had the ear of the CEO. The Pasha's, from my experience are great people and knew the importance of everyone on their staff. Too bad they get bad info from a management team that is only looking to make the other managers and VP's to look bad.

Their best team members and management all left a few years back. They run mostly temporary positions and those temp positions rarely lead to a permanent hire unless you've worked there a year as a temp.

The worst part, which I only found out after I left was majority of the management team does not want to lose good employees and will make sure you do not get promoted or transfer out of your division. The nepotism of family members work there in every position gets extremely awkward and creates division among employees.

I wish nothing but the best for this small family company, but they took a wrong turn several years back and from speaking to many other ex-employees it's never been the same. Don't let this post discourage you if you get offered a position. The executive team is a great group of people. They just need to get rid of about 50% of the bloated VP's, do drug tests on some of the people on the floor, and other quit making promotional promises they can't keep.

I understand there's also a new GM in the Reno office and he's well liked. I wouldn't be surprised if he's quit by now.


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