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The Photonics Group

About The Photonics Group

Staffing Experts in Lasers, Electro-optics, Infrared Imaging, photonics, optics, DoD, systems engineering, optical sensors, aerospace, biomedical, electro-mechanical, opto mechanical,

About The Photonics Group

Emerging technologies and expanding markets have precipitated a period of explosive growth in the photonics industry. Supporting the employment
 – more... needs of this industry, The Photonics Group recruits engineers nationwide for companies that design and manufacture optical, electro-optic, and laser systems. Our major business clientele include military contractors who build high energy lasers, DPSS lasers, Directed energy laser systems, LIDAR, LADAR, IR cameras, night vision systems, laser range finders, targeting and fire control systems, sensor and detectors for reconnaissance and surveillance, along with space based electro-optical systems. Our clients and candidates alike support the development of systems that include ground, air, and marine applications including both manned and unmanned applications.

A growing segment of our portfolio include commercial optic and laser systems manufacturers whose products include, industrial and biomedical manufacturers of laser systems for cutting and welding, invasive surgery, commercial grade optical components for vision products and other aerospace and marine on board systems requirements.

A minor part of our business has been with companies building micro optic or fiber optic products. The common feature of all our clients is that they are designing and building cutting edge optics and electro-optic technology. Our client companies are located across the US, concentrated near the major optics centers of Rochester, Boston, Orlando, Tucson, and southern California, but also in many other locations. The positions we work on range from design engineer to senior manager and C level positions, all requiring a strong technical background and business acumen in the optics and electro-optics systems industry.

For the employer and the job seeker alike, we offer an insider's perspective. Our intimate knowledge of the photonics industries enables us to quickly and efficiently locate the qualified candidate for the employer, and, for the job seeker, it enables us to offer a multitude of career opportunities as well as the confidence that qualified professionals will receive prompt attention by company hiring authorities. Please visit our job center for a list of opportunities in these cutting edge industries or contact us for more information.

We serve our clients from two locations, MRI Research Triangle Park and MRI Morehead City, both located in North Carolina.

Now, at the outset of the 21st Century, unprecedented expansion of the nation's economy is prompting many Fortune 500 firms to turn exclusively to The Photonics Group to facilitate their candidate searches in an ever-tightening labor market. – less

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A lens is an optical device which transmits and refracts light, converging or diverging the beam