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Three Ring

About Three Ring

We are singularly focused on the creation of games that are different, interesting, and hopefully reach new audiences. Whilst we love many current games, we don't want to make a better mousetrap. We want to trap the big hairy rats you get on Pirate ships.

Puzzle Pirates was developed in Java 1.4 on Debian GNU/Linux, and is now deployed on FreeBSD
 – more... servers. We are fans of open source, and use free software whenever possible, which is most of the time. We have made our game toolkit available as open source; visit Game Gardens, where you can also host your multi-player creations for free, a precursor to our new project, Whirled.

Our second game, Bang! Howdy, an online strategy game set in a steam-powered wild west world, officially launched in February 2007. Mosey on over and have yerself a ball!

Whirled is our third and most ambitious project, a web-based social world fueled at every turn by player created content - everything from avatars, pets, rooms, and games can be made by players. Whirled is currently in open beta, and each month we are writing growing checks to talented artists and game developers!

In September 2006 we began working with the design team at Because We Can; transforming our downtown SOMA office space into a deep-sea exploration vessel inspired by Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The project has been picked up by various newswires, including a fantastic photo essay published by We lub coming to work in our Victorian submarine - even on the days when the squid gets angry!

We are not a giant corporation or presently funded by one. We value our independence, mostly because it allows us to make wacky and unusual games. We believe that it's possible to make really fun online games without an emphasis on flashy graphics technology and quantity of content.

If you'd like to contact Three Rings regarding any matter of business or with some feedback, please mail Daniel James. Please direct hiring inquiries and public debate regarding Yohoho! appropriately.

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