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Server, Rancho Cucamonga, CA - July 15, 2015
I love the franchise, don't get me wrong. I would absolutely love to work for another Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery that has a real manager. However the two locations in SoCal I had experience with were just poor. The working conditions were incredibly poor and disorganized. If we were lucky enough to have a GM that spoke english, he would be fired a couple months later for giving shots to under aged Kilt Girls during promo retreats. We went so long without a GM, and the other location I was trying to work at also seemed like the same thing was happening there from what a few of the Kilt Girls working there told me. I nailed both my interview and casting, I was told I'd be called to fill out a W2 and schedule training, just to wait a week and finally call to see where my status was...The GM had completely forgotten about me (Maybe that's just my fault) but that very day when she said over the phone to come in anytime to fill out the paperwork and do my W2, I drove 30 mins to get there and when I did, she said "Sorry...We already scheduled training...Maybe you can come back next week?" I never returned, it was obvious this was yet again another disorganized location.
The managers are always stressed out, running around on not enough sleep, and it's also very common for me to see them disagreeing with the franchise holders...Most often the owners are not of American decent. Mine for example was a Chinese man, and under his ownership I saw many managers come and go. Some terminated, some quit.
I was working at my first TK location since December, before the restaurant was even built I was at every training session, learning, being excited and happy to finally be a bonafide Kilt Girl. That meant nothing after the managers I started with diminished, and we went from managers to managers. All the time I had spent there being the best server possible meant nothing when I was suspended for a silly mistake, never spoken to about it, and never unsuspended. It was my first offense.
It's really upsetting that most of the time people in charge do not care about us Kilt Girls, and care even less about the customers. In my experience all they care about is money. Our GM would take shots in his office and carry out relations with at least one of our servers. I don't know if it's the racy/provocative theme of the restaurant that drags in all these horror-story-managers, but it's made the locations I've worked at very impossible to be around.
Implementing HotSchedules to keep everybody in tune with the schedule was a fantastic idea. Very seldom are there scheduling issues because of this, and it's great for picking up a couple extra hours or calling off sick and not having to work through it.
There are so many ways this restaurant can be amazing, my favorite part has to be the fun, fast paces environment and the customers. I hope another TK opens up near me so I can have a fresh start...Met the CEO once, great guy.


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