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  • islandgirlatheart 6 days ago
    I have a phone interview scheduled for a Customer Service position for TWC. However, 4 years ago I plead guilty to a misdemeanor theft charge and I had to pay $12 in restitution. It was a really stupid mistake on my behalf and this is the only charge I've had ever. I plan to be fully honest about the conviction and take ownership but I dont want to be turned down yet again for a job that I'm qualified for. Does anyone think I'll have a chance to actually work here? I'm a college grad, attend an amazing church, and I have the experience. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!
  • C 1 month ago
    Do your self a favor. After 6 weeks I got a call for an interview. I am mid career experienced. They offered 11.02 an hour and would not budge. Who can live on 11.02 and hour? Training is 10 weeks long and two of those weeks you have to travel on your own expense for technical training. The location I interview at was dirty. Plain out dirty. The employees were very nice but no professional dress. Even the supervisor I interviewed with seemed bored and was rude to be honest. The call center was so dirty. The chair they offered me had food on it, chocolate and I left there displeased with what I saw and that I had to have my 300.00 suit coat dry cleaned after. I did receive a letter saying thanks but no thanks but I really should have gotten that letter to them first. They have supervisors the employees call the police? What kind of environment is that to work in? Not for me. I interview well and have since gotten 8 job offers since my experience with Time Warner. I received a letter from Time Warner today they are exploring new candidate's thanks but no thanks. I should have gotten that letter to them first. Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time unless you have to get a job no matter what. There are too many good opportunities out there to explore. Time Warner would not be one of my suggestions
  • peggycraft 1 month ago
    Is anyone else having this problem?
  • Junes 2 months ago
    Please let me know anyone how do you know if you passed the assessment test? For time Warner cable?
  • Nick 2 months ago
    Hearing too many lies about when the pay days are - so when would a Full Time Network Analyst actually be paid?
  • Make Money 3 months ago
    My roommate just got offered a job as a retention representative for TWC, but is currently in a pre trial diversion program for a DUI. He already quit his job because of this offer, but I wondering if it will show up on the background check and disqualify him. I need him to pay rent!
  • darkjedixl 3 months ago
    I've currently have 2 job offers and was wondering if anyone knows of the average commission of the Retail Sales Specialists in store get. Thanks for any responses and the help!
  • need help 3 months ago
    hey guys I'm a twc installer and im wondering if this is happening to just me or others.. my clients who rate me a 10 on the survey shows up as a zero?! and i dont get paid my bonuses this has been going on for quite some time, im getting screwed here.. i dont know what to do because this is messed up.. the scale given to clients is only zero or 10 and nothign in the middle and when 10 is given it goes to 0.. it has been happening constantly the past month or two now anyone else getting this? i complained and they're saying they're going to fix it but come on, this is too much!!! i have a bad feeling about this
  • Cf 8 months ago
    I have an interview for service installation tomorrow. I had a phone interview and was told I would be working 4 days 10 hours a week. Which sounds great. I was also promised one weekend day off each week. I was told I would make 11 an hour as well. But I keep hearing terrible things about this company. I live in the Midwest so I already know I'll be in the cold I'm ready for that. But people keep saying I won't get 4 days a week and I won't get my weekend day off. I was told I would work from 8-7 each shift with a one hour lunch. Is all this just a bunch of bs the recruiters told me? Cause I'm not working 7 days a week 10 hours a day I have a family. I really want this job but if they are lying just to get me to the interview I might reconsider. Also I was told some paychecks are shorts for installers. If my paycheck is short I'm quitting.. Any help would be appreciated you would think time warner is a good company but everyone is making it seem awful..
  • mike 9 months ago
    I am thinking about joining the T.W.C team. I received a call today from a company recruiter. He explained the details of the job and the company. I was told I would only start at $9.75 as a field Technician; that's horrible !!! and benefits wont start until after I was with the company for 6 months. I was then told me from day one of me working for the company I would be in the I.B.E.W. Local 3 Union (good thing) and after 1 year I would be eligible to be placed in a A+ Certification program paid for by the company and would increase my salary to $17.00. After the A+ certification I was told I would be placed in a 4 year Journeyman Program that would allow me to do construction and commercial jobs and my salary can top out at $32.00. I would like to know if anyone here knows anything about this company. I have heard a lot of negative feedback about the company in the past year or so. I was offered a job by cable vision and they start me off with $16.00 and free medical and Dental form day one. the downside is no Union and no journeyman or A+ certification courses. Please let me know what you think ?
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Time Warner Cable (TWC) makes coaxial quiver. The company is the #2 US cable company, after Comcast, with operations in 28 states. – Read more

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