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Customer Service Representative, Maryland Heights, MO - November 27, 2012
Total is a great place for anyone who is a fan of hockey. From the people who work there to the people who want to shop there, Total Hockey is a great place if you want to wake up and enjoy going to work. With most employees of the company having some background in the sport, it is exciting being in an environment with so much knowledge and experience at your fingertips. The one major downfall to Total Hockey is there pay scale. Most employees including myself are vastly underpaid. As a result, it is not uncommon to hear chatter on the days leading up to payday about people job searching. While a fun environment to work in, there is no future with a company that isn’t whiling to invest in your financial wellbeing; at least that’s my experience.

In a typical day, one in my position can expect to take calls that range from a simple problem the takes seconds to resolve, to placing orders that involve multiple forms of communication to complete. Working with a base salary and a small commission can make working for sales exciting, challenging, exhausting and very rewarding.

The hardest part of my job can be the monotony of it. There can be hours of people calling about the same problems that’s out of your control and yet you have to explain why the situation took place over and over and how you are going to resolve it. But at the end of the day, in this position, that’s to be expected.