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Trackloop is a platform for artists to grow their fan base.

How do customers use the product?

There are two ways to use the product. The first is as a fan. Fans can be exposed to an album's link from people they know -- for instance, they're emailed the album link, they can be exposed via Twitter, as well as other places online. The link takes
 – more... them to where the album lives, online. Fans can preview any and all tracks from the album, for 30 seconds. To support and download the album, Fans unlock the album by tweeting the link. This process is easy. Fans click the "Unlock with a Tweet" button, instantly, the tweet goes out and the album automatically downloads.

The other way to use the product is as a music artist. Artists can upload albums of any size and length. Artists are required to upload an album cover with any album they upload. Upon completion, they're given a link to where the album lives on Trackloop. They're encouraged to share this link with anyone in their social circle and watch their engagement grow. They can analyze fan engagement through the "Buzz" tab in the artist console. The buzz tab displays aggregate totals for Impressions, Reach and Downloads. It also breaks those dimensions down by album. It also displays aggregate and album totals for downloads across geographic locations. These insights can inform artists how they're performing with fans and give insight into album-sharing best practices. – less Employer Reviews