See how we are changing trucking.

At Transport America, we’ve set out to do some things to change trucking. And you can feel it at every mile, and every level of our organization.

A lot of trucking companies treat their drivers like steering wheel holders. Things are different at Transport America.

At Transport America, we believe that no matter what’s in the trailer – it’s never as important as who’s in the cab. Our hard working drivers are the heroes of our operation, pure and simple.

That’s why when we hand a new driver the keys to a fully-loaded, state of the art Transport America truck, it comes with a full tank of respect.

We will stick to calling you by name.

You were transporting America way before you heard of Transport America.

Somebody's gotta keep this country running.



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About Transport America

Transport America is one of the leading truckload carrier in North America & our drivers are the heroes of our operation.

Transport America began operations in 1984. The company provides a wide range of truckload carriage and logistics services in various lengths of haul in the United States, parts of Canada and Mexico. Transport America serves as
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  • Here, the grass really is greener.
  • My name is Christopher. Not driver #876309.
  • The trucking company that's changing trucking.
  • State of the art equipment.
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