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TutorWorks, INC

About TutorWorks, INC

TutorWorks is a literacy intervention program that uses an innovative approach to help children acquire the literacy skills they need to be successful. The TutorWorks model is based on sound academic research about skill acquisition and more than 15 years of practical experience in the supplemental educational services arena.

Success is rooted in
 – more... a solid education. Literacy is the foundation of all other academic skills. Academic research over the past thirty-five years has shown that children who don't master basic literacy skills before they are nine years old are very unlikely to ever catch up. Elementary school students with poor literacy skills are more likely to have behavior problems in school and are much more likely to drop out of high school and spend time in prison. However, the young brain is very adaptable before age nine and can master many skills easily, thus early intervention is highly efficient.

TutorWorks conducts computer-aided tutorial sessions after school on school campuses and at after-school centers such as the YMCA Kid's Place. TutorWorks delivers targeted literacy intervention in partnership with local school districts and after-school centers. The program serves primarily disadvantaged and language minority youth in grades one through six and has demonstrated statistically significant academic outcomes. TutorWorks' technology-based approach provides precise intervention where it is needed so limited academic time is used to its fullest potential. The exciting games and incentives motivate youth to improve over time. Assessment tools allow extensive diagnostic and evaluative analysis of the programs. TutorWorks focuses on one piece of the after-school experience: quality literacy enrichment, and provides a very intensive academic experience for youth.

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