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Type A Yoga

About Type A Yoga

What makes Type A Yoga different from other studios?

For those of us who already push in our day-to-day life, who "feel the burn" in the pressures of the outside world, a calming, cooling yoga is more appropriate than gym yoga or hot yoga.

On the other side you have the yoga that makes you feel awkward about not already being enlightened
 – more... and exuding inner peace. How do you get that key to calm in your life without your cynicism getting in the way?

That's where Type A Yoga comes in...

Type A Yoga is a beginner-friendly studio specializing in counteracting the effects of today's hectic lifestyle. We believe that everyone can benefit from yoga, but that many environments available for yoga may be intimidating or just plain weird. Our goal is to make yoga accessible and comfortable for everyone. We emphasize listening to your body rather than competing against it, as occurs in some gym yoga classes. We also keep focused on the scientific and philosophical aspects of yoga, allowing individual practitioners to determine how to fit yoga into their lives, without indoctrination or self-righteous spirituality. No gym. No granola. Just yoga for the rest of us. – less

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