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TZ fuses software control, remote locking and fastening, environmental sensing and real time dynamic analysis to enable unique devices to sense, act, lock and audit activity based on secure instructions delivered over the internet. This enables rich data collection and diagnostic abilities.

TZ Devices use proprietary Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) actuation to drive locking mechanisms. SMA actuation is a lightweight, solid-state alternative to conventional actuators. TZ Device intelligence comes from an embedded system that consists of a microprocessor, energy switching, and integrated sensors that monitor status.

Working together intelligently, a network of TZ Devices offers a secure environment providing a complete, real-time view of the state of that protected environment. The ability to track the behaviour of people, things and data through space in real-time provides enhanced situational awareness, allowing for the creation of more effective and efficient operating conditions and workflow practices.

Packaged Asset Delivery, Infrastructure Protection, Aero Asset Maintainability, Design Engineering

Watch our video to learn more about TZ SMArt Devices.

TZ Packaged Asset Delivery (PAD)

TZ's innovative, electronic parcel logistics solutions automate "last mile delivery" of package and express deliveries to commercial and residential locations.

Our intelligent package asset delivery (PAD) solutions feature a state-of-the-art system of modular lockers that integrate a network of TZ SMArt™ locking devices and proprietary system software. PAD solutions offer shippers, private and public parcel services and recipients alike secure, efficient and convenient drop off and pick up of almost any packaged asset — vital documents, valuable merchandise, sensitive materials, perishables and critical parts and components.

TZ Infrastructure Protection (IXP)

TZ Infrastructure Protection offers the most cost effective, cabinet level locking solution that delivers physical security, environmental monitoring, authorised access control and real-time compliance reporting for the data center market. Built on a scalable and extendable hardware and software platform, our system solutions enable enhanced functionality and utility that meet a broad range of end user requirements. TZ’s open software architecture can easily be integrated with third party systems, networks and protocols.

TZ Aero Asset Management (AAM)

In the modern aviation industry, mechanical devices have been the mainstay of how an aircraft and most of its components are fastened, latched and locked. Typically, these devices are manipulated manually with appropriate levels of compliance and recording for audit, control and maintenance.

With TZ SMArt Device™ technology, the world of mechanical latching and fastening devices could make way for new network of SMArt Device™ systems. Systems that provide mechanical function, but with embedded intelligence that can capture environmental data, control access and manage maintenance procedures. Systems that create a whole new world and unprecedented level of aircraft reliability and maintainability.


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About TZ Limited

Over the past decade, billions of people have connected themselves to the Internet via the computer and more recently, mobile devices. Today, that communication revolution — the most pervasive technology event on earth — is extending to objects as well as people. The ‘Internet of People’ has become the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), whereby virtually – more... 

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