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LIFE OIL - San Francisco, CA

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Life oil is a company that has patented a new technology for the very first cannabis/hemp oil completely organic machine. We have design several devices a home portable unit,medical dispensary unit and is process of being F.D.A appoval. This medical device integrates superior functionality with the convenience of transportability.

We are first to market technology that take organic flowers and turn them into a dosage amount for specfic medical use. This will create 28 grams of material into 74-84 pure organic oil pills in 35 minutes to 1.5 hours. Once the oil is completed it can be put into a a blank

Many names have been given to this medical grade oil (Rick simpson oil ,hemp oil l ,up until now we are the first to offer a product that is safe and does not require any dangerous chemicals.

Life oil is here to provide our customers with safe and reliable extraction equipment and methods. Our goal is to engineer affordable, yet cutting edge extraction systems, which deliver unparalleled performance in the industry

We are looking for those who have an understanding what a vaporizer technology ,electrical and controlling heating temperature ,steam and pressure. An engineer who has built similar devices which are small and compact yet consistent temperatures.

An engineer who has cad experience,knowledgeable about new high temperature materials ,over seas manufacturing to create inexpensive high quality prototype. We already have finished our patented designs and we are looking for an engineer who can a working model done within a 3 month period. The next step would be research and development of a testing model 6 months that will be put into full production within the next Here are some skills needed

An engineer who is energetic, creative and analytical and loves the challenge of designing devices to assist . We have a pipeline of interesting projects, and our existing engineering team needs to grow to keep up with all of the promising technology.

As a small company, nobody gets stuck in a cubicle and forgotten. Each team member participates in product development from start to finish and interacts with medical patient,science lab technicians users as well. The right candidate will be able to handle multiple projects and work effectively both as a team member and independently.

Duties include responsibility for all technical aspects of designing, developing and manufacturing innovative medical vaporization devices; conceptualization and design of medical device procedures, instruments , creation of development documentation; fabrication of prototypes; and designing, executing and analyzing experiments, verification tests, and validation tests using statistical techniques.

Must be proficient at CAD (Solidworks) and GD&T. Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills. Should have strong academics. Previous aporization or similar medical device experience is required. More senior medical device development engineers are also invited to apply, as a principal engineer opportunity exists as well.
A thorough understanding of conceptual design, design refinement, and rapid prototyping methods is required. Experience with developing new products from life oil leads at the forefront of ingenuity and aptitude, consistently engineering the most advanced, user-friendly portable botanical oil vaporizers in the world.
Design and work with 3D printinng offers designers the opportunity to build prototypes quickly and economically. 3D printing can only produce components in the material the machine use so we will nereed multi tasking to requires that requires electrical components, they would have to be researched and sourced to another expert to be installed after the 3D model housing is built.and to function with moving parts then the CAD file would need to have taken this into consideration by including proper clearance where needed.

· Design and documentation of vaoprization prototypes for new product development.
· Design of embedded hardware including microcontrollers, DSPs, sensors, and switch-mode DC/DC and DC/AC supplies and european electrical converters
· Create, test and validate engineering prototype systems.
· Product development in accordance with Class 2 medical device standards.
· Perform engineering measurements and analysis.
· Understand and effectively use Product Development Process.
· Write engineering test protocols for testing of component parts and integrated systems.
· Provide design know how for vendor/supplier development.

Medical miracles are a common occurrence when using oil derived from this specific medicinal hemp plant

This miraculous discovery, disclosure and spread of information concerning the miraculous cure in the form of oil that is obtained from hemp plant – oil that cures almost all serious diseases like cancer, lymphoma, sarcoma, leukemia, Crohn’s disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, asthma, multiple sclerosis, ulcers , burns, psoriasis, AIDS, diabetes, depression, hemorrhoids, blood and eye pressure, regulation of body weight, chronic pain, migraine, mutated cells (polyps, warts, tumors), insomnia, scars …We wanted to share this invention with the rest of the world, however, was met with incredible resistance and lack of understanding by the authorities responsible for advocating for the welfare of people.

Here is the way the oil is made now that can be very dangerous:

Here is the similar way we will be vaporizing our oil organicly in a similar electronic device:

Cannabis science:

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