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About UGG

UGG is a company praised for the comfort and functionality of it's products. In general, the market for UGG is primarily dominated by women. Oddly enough, these are often the same women who will gladly endure numbness and calluses in the name of cute kitten-heel pumps. It seems high time for men to get on the UGG-boot bandwagon. One could hardly make – more... the argument that the Classic style is too feminine for men. The only thing that makes people think of them as a feminine boot is that mainly women wear them; the style itself is unisex. If anything, the utilitarianism of the Classic UGG has been criticized by some women as being too mannish. Not to mention that UGG offers a nice collection of mens boots and shoes, all with a suitably rugged and masculine exterior.

What do men want from a shoe? Comfort, durability, and functionality, and like most people these days, a good deal. Whether they'll admit it or not, they also have a certain look they want to portray. Jocks have their trainers, businessmen wear Oxfords, LA prepsters have perfected the flip flop/jeans look, and the emo kid on the corner lives in his combat boots. There is an image portrayed by what you wear, and this includes your footwear. So, what do UGGs say about you? UGG australia are associated with comfortable luxury, brand power, and versatility. Jocks can wear their UGGs after skiing, the LA prepsters can flaunt the brand, and the emo kid can try one of the sturdy men's styles, such as the Hartsville.

Many famous men have embraced UGGs, from Brad Pitt, Harvey Keitel, Jude Law and Rhys Ifans. An entire team of soccer players in Chelsea, UK showed up for the opening of the Covent Garden store wearing their UGGs. Even Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood has a pair! So why is the majority of the American male public lagging behind? These boots have the function of comfort, temperature regulation, and you can pretty much make them go with anything. On top of that, in the long run they are a better deal than the synthetic knock-off that barely keeps you warm and needs replacing within a year.

The iconography of shoes is strong for men, though perhaps not quite as obvious as it is for women. Granted, the Roman emperors were more known for their strappy sandals than boots, but most of the stereotypical strong men in history have worn boots. The clanking armored boots of medieval knights, the Vikings with their big furry boots on as they conquered their part of the world. Even in American culture one of the strongest parallels for Western strength have a boot named after them: cowboys. It might be time to recognize UGG australia as the dominating male footwear for the Age of Technology.

UGGs started out as a boot for men. Sheepherders in would wear fleece boots while tending their flock. In WWII aviators donned the boots as they fought to protect their country. Then, later on when the shepherds and pilots ditched the work for the waves, UGG australia were most popular among surfers. In fact, it was only within the last decade or so that UGG became popularized as a female dominated item. Before the company re-launched itself in as a fashion label, you were more likely to find UGGs on beaches than runways.

For such a simple boot, pretty much everyone has an opinion about UGGs. Love them or hate them, you have to admit they're incredibly comfortable. For the guys who aren't quite ready to don the Classic style of UGGs, there are other styles for boots. The Hartsville and the Beacon have a thicker tread, and a stronger exterior. Both these styles still have the fleece lining to keep your feet warm, but also are durable enough to handle whatever conditions you need. Best of all, many of these styles are currently on sale at!

However, if you want to go back to basics, try the Classic Short and pay homage to the decades of surfer dudes who came before you!

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