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About Ultimate Medical Academy

What is it like to work at Ultimate Medical Academy? In this video series we explore the daily life of staff at the Academy and why our mission drives us to succeed - by focusing on people. The students we educate and help build careers; the people our graduates positively affect through their careers; and our own staff who help bring everything together.



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About Ultimate Medical Academy

Inspired to make a difference in everything we do. Ultimate Medical Academy (UMA) has a purpose, and it all comes back to people. We help students train for careers that can make a difference in their own life, and in the lives of others. We also focus on improvement and growth for UMA faculty and staff. Because investing in people is good for everyone.

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  • UMA Career Services Highlight - Mariah A.
We interviewed Career Services Advisor Mariah A. about her experience here at UMA and the graduates she works with!
Check out her interview below and hit "Share" to share this interview with friends and family!
Q: What’s your favorite part about working in Career Services at UMA? 
A: Changing my graduates’ lives; as well as developing, and see my co-workers grow each day
Q: If you wanted your grads to know one thing about you what would it be? 
A: That I’m extremely passionate about my job
Q: Where are you originally from? 
A: Omaha, NE
Q: What’s your favorite food? 
A: Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Q: What is the best part about our graduates being online as we assist them? 
A: The best part is the amount of hands on training they receive. It gives them a feel for what they’ll be doing, once they get a job post-graduation
Q: What is unique about UMA? 
A: The unique thing about UMA is the amount of help you can receive. I never knew there were so many selfless people in the world
Q: Have you always had a passion for helping students achieve success? 
A: Yes, I love to help; any way possible
Q: What advice do you give our grads to ensure they keep a positive attitude throughout the hiring and placement process? 
A: The job search is not going to be an easy road. However, it’s not a hard road you have to travel alone. Allow me (us at UMA) to help you drive
  • "What inspired me was my three children. I have three wonderful babies and they always inspire me and motivate me to keep going." -Markeeta J. 
What inspires you and motivates you as a student here at UMA? Share your answer with your fellow students below! #UMAinspired
  • This quarter's True Blue Alum has wanted to be in the healthcare industry since she was a young girl. Like many of our UMA students, she pursued that goal despite all the obstacles in her path. 
Growing up with a mom who worked as a Front Desk Receptionist at a doctor's office, Michele Hendricks, Class of 2016, fell in love with the healthcare field. Her passion for the industry only strengthened when she and her family endured health issues. Visit the link in our bio for the full story or ultimatemedical.edu/profiles/michele-hendriks/
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