About United Internet

The Association of United Internet Consumers (AUIC) is dedicated to:

Promoting health products, health services and health education for the benefit of its members;

Providing valuable consumer products and discounts that are available through the worldwide web and identified as consumer beneficial by AUIC staff, partners and members.

The AUIC provides a dynamic and growing group of beneficial services and products to its members by using the free exchange of member ideas that have proven cost effective and highly beneficial. Many of the services relating to healthcare education and services are provided by the US Government and the most prestigious health providers in the World; and most are free. If you have a common health question about nutrition or a minor health problem, or if you have a serious health problem, the AUIC has identified the most reliable and authoritative health sources with the latest information on treatment. Some of the services offered to AUIC members:

Nutrition and Health Information On Line Library.

The AUIC website provides its members with access to and the identity of a comprehensive library of on line, web based, nutrition and health information. The AUIC's easy to use website allows AUIC members a range of information, from basic nutrition guides and health definitions to highly detailed and extensive information for most health conditions, illnesses and accidents. Whether you wish to educate yourself or offer medical research information to a loved one, the AUIC identified websites will be exceedingly helpful. In addition, the AUIC will direct members to the websites that will help store most or all of the members' health information and history on a free, secure hosted file that can be accessed quickly and accurately.

American Academy of Family Physicians: www.familydoctor.org. provides comprehensive family medicine education and information services.



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