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  • Background check – 0 replies
    JessicaW25 20 days ago
    I have an interview with united health group, but i have a warrant? will the warrant eliminate me from getting the job , if a back ground check is done ?
  • Back Up – 8 replies
    Prayer Works 26 days ago
    I received a call with information on the positon and the salary. However I was told I was listed as a back up for the class, and someone would call me the day before or the day of to let me know if I was selected for the training class. I an so confussed on how you can dangle someone like that. I also received iformation about 401K and the employee stock programs, does this mean I have the job?
  • Interviewing 26 days ago
    Anyone have any experience/opinions on the care advocate or alert team positions. Are they as stressful and unrewarding as other positions described here?
  • csa optumrx 26 days ago
    Customer service advocate. The good: Decent starting pay, no experience really needed to start, great benefits. Application process was easy. Mostly online assessments, which I think is great because it shows if you are intelligent enough to be considered. Interviews were easy, but boring. Getting hired was a bit of a pain; very vague info from HR. Was called into begin training on the day the training class started, which was awkward. Training was long, but easy enough. Lots of info crammed everyday, very little is retained or even applied once you start work. This is where the problems begin. Work is hands on, using computer and phones and talking to clients and documenting interactions per company guidelines. Not much of this is done in training. Once you hit the floor, it can be overwhelming, but you can learn as you go. Took about a month before being assigned a supervisor, then another 2 months before our first meeting. He didn't even introduce himself, I had to take the initiative to meet him. Work environment can be very unprofessional, from dress, to socializing, and lack of leadership. This may be a positive depending on who you are. Overall I was minimally supervised, which is okay, but some guidance would be best. I could rant, but I'll keep this brief. The software is over 10 years old and full of glitches. These are never resolved, and cause big problems at times. IT is a joke, never fixing anything. Management constantly comes up with new ideas to "improve" our service, but they only make things worse. Constant change, which isn't bad, but no leadership foresight or training, just fly by night policy changes with no regard for negative impacts or resolutions. After 5 months, half of my training class is gone. This is bad because we were ranked the highest in initial performance rankings out of the last 4 classes hired. This shows that keeping the best people around isn't a priority for optumrx.
  • Background check – 3 replies
    Mike 1 month ago
    Just accepted an offer this past Thursday, 2/13/14. Received the offer letter email and other info. I filled out the information they asked for so they could begin the background check and drug screen. Any idea on what they look for and inquire about during the background check? Thanks!
  • Hiring Process – 10 replies
    Steve 1 month ago
    I accepted a position with United Health and am waiting to go through the background check. Does anyone know if poor credit will affect the offer?
  • iwas 2 months ago
    Looking for any advice on how to get back employed at UnitedHealth Care. I worked there for almost 7 years and was terminated last March. I've applied on their website for for sales and customer service position, I did both while I was employed there, but everytime I apply for a position I receive an email a day or two later telling me basically that I'm not experienced enough for the position. I'm confused since I have almost 7 years experience doing almost the exact job and I possess all the requirement. Any advise someone can give me would be great!! I loved my job and working for UHG just had some family issues that took my focus away from my job and I really want to get back to were I was on my career path at UnitedHealth Group! Any info or help is greatly appreciated! Thanks:)
  • United Health Care – 188 replies
    iwas 2 months ago
    I do work here.. it is terrible. management doesn't know up from down... Employees are treated like mindless cattle... We are always hiring because employees are quitting all the time. Everyone here is ALWAYS looking for other work. If you could take any advice from a current employee...DON"T DO IT!
  • Bluetea 2 months ago
    I had my second interview today and thought I did great. I got a great vibe off the hiring managers and they even joked around a little bit during the interview. When we got done they said a recruiter will contact me in a couple of days. Well, when I got home I checked my app status and it's now under withdrawn submissions but still said interviewing. I'm just confused why it would be under withdrawn submissions, does this mean I'm no longer under consideration?
  • jesswin 2 months ago
    Help- Please tell me what I need to do to at least get an interview? I am located between Birmingham and Atlanta. I have applied for numerous telecommute or work at home positions. I worked for another large insurance comp for 10 yrs, worked on the hospital side in (analyst)reimbursement for 3+ yrs and I now have my degree in Healthcare management. I'm over 40 but not by much, I have a solid work history except when I was laid off and/or in the last semester of school. I have awards, lots of proof on paper, letters of recommendation, etc. ---I'm wore out trying to get a job. I've even applied for entry level and two hours away. I have work at home experience as well. Please if anyone knows what I could be missing, please advise. Thank u so much
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