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Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Ok place to work, low pay for expectations. only recommended if you dont want to live on unemployment
Supervisor, Phoenix - April 1, 2013
-If you NEED a job, I would work here. I think they start you at $9.50 as an "officer" basically security guard. I was a manager for several years (I was under $14/hr, and they wondered how I got that much despite EARNING IT)and dealt with incompetant employees with my hands tied by management because in all reality as long as there was a warm body to fill the spot they were happy unless someone really screwed up BAD.
-Typical day, sit there and look pretty with a smile on your face. MINDLESS work, go on patrol (walk around looking like you're important) point people in the right direction and dont get caught reading or whatever to keep you awake/interested.
-Management was incredibly unappreciative of ALL employees. your concerns are not heard, upward mobility=non existant, I do not have one good thing to say about them.
-co-workers, not the brightest crayons in the crayola box. some good, most were just exhaustive dealing with their stupidity.
-hardest part of the job, not losing all of your brain cells. If you have a warm body you can work there.
-most enjoyable part of my job- going home despite your replacement showing up late or not at all. BTW if they do not show, guess who just signed up for mandatory overtime(I never minded OT but when you're there all day and ready to go home just to realize you're forced to stay, really sucks.)