VersiTech currently offers four related lines:

• Threat & Vulnerability Assessment for campus facilities
• Call center capability for catastrophic events on campus
• Emergency Operations Center planning and deployment
• Command and Control software to respond to and manage emergencies on campus

3. What makes VersiTech unique?

The Company will be owned, in part, by universities. We will begin offering stock in VersiTech to select universities later this summer. We believe that the comprehensive security needs of higher education's leading institutions would be best served if they had a stake in the technology solutions. A second point of differentiation is that one of our affiliate companies, SentryPoints, provides similar solutions for local government. This means that VersiTech's products will integrate with the first responders from the city who help the university manage a major emergency. The U. S. Conference of Mayors recommends SentryPoints to its hundreds of members across the nation.

4. If a university is interested in VersiTech for its campus, where would it begin the process?

The first step is to schedule a meeting on campus with the units most affected by emergency operations and loss mitigation. Usually, we meet with representatives from the President's office, risk management, finance and administration, planning and campus security. At that time we work through a checklist to determine the present state of conditions compared to a desired state of readiness.

Often, the next step is to tailor a proposal back to the institution outlining measures that could comprise phase one of a long term plan. Phase one usually contains recommendations for a Threat & Vulnerability Assessment for vital campus buildings and the establishment of the Call Center. Except for the largest and most complex universities, these actions can be undertaken together for a few thousand dollars per month.

From start to finish, these two critical features can be completed in 30 days.

If the university desires to invest in VersiTech, we offer discounted pricing for all of our products and services. A Private Placement memorandum will be available in June which describes the details of that opportunity.

5. Could you describe a scenario where the VersiTech solutions would be called into action?

Yes, the best example might be an athletic event where thousands are gathered to watch a game. VersiTech would have done an analysis of the facility to offer suggestions for improving the risk factors associated with high-population events. In addition, the Company would provide training for ushers and others who would need to render assistance in an emergency and lead fans to safety. Outside the venue, at a safe distance from the site, the university would have deployed a fixed or mobile Emergency Operations Center (EOC) filled with VersiTech's response management software. This EOC would be linked to all campus security operations as well as local government to the extent they are on the scene. Finally, if an emergency happened at the game involving loss of life and serious injuries to fans, the call center would be activated to handle calls from concerned family members of potential victims.

6. How is a relatively new company able to offer such an array of complex services? How can we be sure they are reliable?

The Company has worked hard to develop strategic partners in each area which are the best at what they do in the world. For example, our partner in the Call Center is the company that set it up for the NCAA and Major League Baseball. This call center was activated by the U.S. Department of Justice on September 11, 2001 and handled the calls related to the Trade center and Pentagon. VersiTech has the exclusive rights to use the Call Center for higher education world-wide. A similar partnership, though with different entities, applies to each area of our Company.

The reliability is based on their performance in actual real-life environments. Each of our partners has a sterling record of accomplishment in their area of expertise. Our university customers will find that the products and services we have aggregated are proven, cost-effective and integrated solutions customized just for the higher education industry.

7. How are your products and services priced?



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