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About VidTalk

As we talk to leaders and communicators in various industries, such as healthcare, manufacturing, retail and restaurants, they all have a common problem … Communicating in real-time with their very important and very distributed staff. A majority of their employees are non-desk bound, field-based and mobile.

They recognize the importance of
 – more... engaging the core of their business, the individuals that interact directly with their customers, but how?

Traditional, and even new technologies, are not proving to be effective. The communications chain breaks down exponentially when you rely on word-of-mouth, bulletin boards and staff meetings. Email for all employees is cost-prohibitive and predominantly inaccessible, text is not secure, and social media is not designed for privacy.

We link the communication chain from the leader to the staff member, and everyone in between, at the mobile device. Through a native app using the worlds most advanced video and voice messaging technologies, employees are connected to their company; they are connected to their leaders and managers, to the corporate values, to store operating procedures, to product training, the list goes on and on.

Mobile technology isn’t a big paradigm shift, it’s just faster, easier, more consumable AND convenient. We work to help companies adopt new ways of communicating where communication simply did not exist in the past. – less

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