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Working at Walgreens

  • Paladin 24 days ago
    The hell with walgreens. I went to 3 interviews from 3 different stores for a pharm tech position and didn't receive a single offer. I don't know what I did wrong. I'm certified, was able to accommodate any hours, had volunteer experience in pharmacy, also had retail experience, and have a clean record. They said all kinds of crap like how I was recommended by their other stores and how I'm highly qualified. I even missed a class to go to an interview and it cost me big time. In two of the interviews they didn't even ask me any questions. What more are they looking for? Do they want me to get my d*mn Ph.D before becoming a tech?
  • management issues – 6 replies 1 month ago
    If a check is written and somehow doesn't end up at the drawer at the end, isn't there a way (since the check was in the system and did show up on the cash report side of things) to pull up the bank routing and account number in order from the ledger to contact the person who wrote it and or the bank. Can't you get the lost check cancelled and a new check written? In addition, how do you do it? I have been with Walgreens a very short time, but checks seem to be very frustrating. Cashiers are constantly accepting checks for the wrong amounts... $30 / verses $35. or $19.57 verses 19.37, it can be sooo frustrating. Last night a large check was missing. It simply was not in the drawer at the end of the night. I think (personally) it is possible to fix the issue but I believe my manager is just going to accept the loss and grumble about it. It seems like managers are so tight lipped about fixes to what should be simple problems. Any suggestions? My biggest complaint is that there isn't much teamwork. Managers seem to have an I/ME mentality. If something like that happens on your shift, you are left to figure out what to do on your own with no support from the rest. I haven't determined if the lack of support stems from arrogance and competition or if it is a symptom of lack of knowledge. I guess it is possible that others simply don't know the answers to the questions I'm asking. Sometimes it seems like they just get irritated when I ask. I have never worked like that before anywhere else. I will admit that this is my first retail job and that may be the nature of the retail industry. I have been in other environments most of my working adult life.
  • Laur 3 months ago
    Hello, I quit at walgreens back in August, put my two weeks in to pursue another interest that didn't work out. The managers there really liked me and hated to see me go. I was curious how I could go about getting back in at Walgreens. Would I have to go through the whole interview process again? I worked there for 6 months as a Service Clerk and would like a job to get me through college.
  • kmen4321 3 months ago
    Question, I did the skills assessment online during the application process and finished the application. I returned to see the status and it said to go into a Walgreens and do the second part of the skills assessment. Do I need to go into the store and do this before I will get called for an interview? They make that part sound really ambiguous, not to try and sound like a snob but I think my skills were assessed enough when I graduated from a prominent southern university at the top of my class lol. No other company has made me come to an in-store skills assessment BEFORE I've even been interviewed. Moreover, I am just toying around with the idea of going into retail management so any insight you folks can give will be appreciated.
  • Engineer I eCommerce – 0 replies
    H 4 months ago
    How much does an entry level Engineer I ecommerce starting pay?
  • jpag 6 months ago
    What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at Walgreens? What do you like best about working at Walgreens? Are there any great perks or special treats for employees?
  • eee 6 months ago
    Does anybody know what kind of questions are asked for the "Service Clerk" (cashier) positions? Are they factual based on my experience vs. their needs OR Are they the 'scenario' questions? i.e. What if this, that or the other thing happened.....
  • Finish application? – 3 replies
    I luv Indeed 7 months ago
    So I just completed the online application and it says to go in store to finish the application. Does anyone know what I will need to do in store? Will there be a test? an interview? and who do I even consult in store to finish my app? thanks
  • What now? – 4 replies
    Beth 8 months ago
    I have applied for the Retain Management Training with Walgreens. I completed the online application and now it say to go to a store to finish the assessment. Do I need to do this before I'm called for an interview or is that telling me that if called for an interview I will have to finish the assessment at the store? They are opening a Walgreens near me but right now, the closest one is almost an hour away. I don't want to drive over there and find out I cannot take it until they call me for an interview. Also, what is the starting pay for this position?
  • rainh2o 9 months ago
    On one hand I see all these websites and blogs bashing Walgreens by disgruntled employees, and others praising Walgreens. I have been with the company for exactly one year and here are my thoughts (if anyone cares). Walgreens is NO different from any other job in that you get out of it what you put into it. I like to work. And I like to work hard. If other employees, including MGTs, EXA's or MGR's want to slack off, so be it. I take pride in my work and also take pride in the way my store looks. I've been in retail for over 25 years. I've learned more new things over the past year then the previous 25. I dare anyone to find another company which offers the same learning experience. Let's see...I've learned all aspects of running a photo department, a small grocery store, and a pharmacy. Now I will give some advice to present and future employees and ask advice from veterans. If you are new to the company, hang in there. My best advice is become friendly with staff who share your same goals. Get acquainted with other MGT's or EXA's in your district and share ideas and get advice. My motto is "I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to make money". So, always try to do what's in the best interest of you and the company. Alright veterans, I'm starting ADSM soon. Any advice? Anyone know a good ADSM project to work on? Anyone know the formula they refer to to figure out your bonus? Time to go to work. I love my job.
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