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WB-Resources, LLC was created to specifically assist SEC registrants to comply with Section 301(4) of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. The extensive experience of founder, Quantitative Resources, LLC, in customer and employee feedback as well as an on-site CPA and accounting staff made the decision to provide service to this specific area of Sarbanes-Oxley a natural progression of the founders' experience. Quantitative Resources has been in business since 1998. WB-Resources provides straightforward anonymous options for employees, directors, shareholders, vendors/customers, and competitors to inform perceived wrong doings to the Board of Directors' Audit Committee. Although this service was created to assist companies subject to the Act, private companies desiring to increase their integrity with these stakeholders can also use our services. Our secure reporting tools enable individuals to outline their concerns without the risk of exposure or personal repercussions, while allowing the Audit Committee to examine those concerns and take appropriate actions if needed.

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St. Joseph Missouri, United States
$2.4 Million
11 to 50
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