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White Glove Staffing Agency
Registered Nurse, Kingston, NY - July 22, 2015
So far no complaints. Started working for this agency 2 months ago and the Hopsital they sent me to already wants to renew my 13 week contract for another 13 weeks. I was able to negotiate my next contract, which included a raise!! I get paid a great hourly rate now. I was able to include in my contract that the hospital is able to cancel me without penalty, which I do sometimes like to be cancelled for a low census.....I have young kids at home so it is always nice to get that surprise call off at 5am, once in awhile. The sign on process with White Glove was smooth and easy. Wasn't too thrilled about the hourly rate for orientation but they negotiated with me and I got paid at a higher rate for orientation and they didn't make me wait to receive orientation pay either. My staffing coordinator, Shirley is very helpful and always available either by email or phone. Any request I have had, has been mostly honored. I really like them and just wish they had assignments in Florida, where I am planning to move to next year.
I noticed they don't take out for lunches out of our pay, which is great because honestly as an RN, who really takes a full lunch working med/surg/tele???



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