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Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Productive Company with Management Shortfalls
Purchasing/Inventory Supervisor, Epsom, NH - July 28, 2014
I thank this company for hiring me shortly after my retirement in 2013.
My typical day consisted of purchasing material needed for the warehouses in New England and New York areas. These purchases were made through a network of vendors throughout the U.S.
I learned how to be a liaison to different departments throughout the company in order to make my job easier. I also got more familiar with proper and not proper management skills.
My co-workers were initially difficult to deal with because of the lack of trust these employees felt throughout the company. I found this to be a cog in daily operations in a way that people were constantly looking over their shoulders. During the 11 months I made numerous friendships to the point employees of 10+ years were often found coming to my office to voice their complaints or just to talk and valuing my opinion. I encouraged department heads to work together for a more friendly work environment.
The hardest part of my job was seeing the lack of any incentive program or reward program with this company. I saw dedicated hard working employees everyday come and go without even a thank you for a job well done. Instead, there were a High Management figures putting more "fear" into the minds of the employees that they might lose their jobs if a opinion was voiced. Poor management started at the top of this company and this attitude filtered down into the employees against each other. The hardest part of my job was seeing good employees effected by this poor management.
I tried to keep my fellow employees together, many either left on their own or were released by the company.
The most enjoyable part of my job was working side by side with my fellow employees and the friendships I found. I hope I made a change in their lives and in doing so, I made coming to work everyday something to look forward to versus a drudgery.


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    Epsom, NH
    To perform tasks associated with the electronic upgrade and splicing of coaxial cable for cable television systems....