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P/D Driver, Richfeild Ohio - April 18, 2014
If you enjoy being constantly berated and talked down to by management then this is the job for you. All complaints are handled by deaf ears.

If you do well one day you better be able to beat it everyday after or there will be a write up in your future. They will pick and choose when you use your vacation time. God forbid if you need a day off for personal reasons such as a doctors appointment.

The entire workforce is in a miserable state of mind. Constant groveling and finger pointing. No one taking responsibility for their own actions.

The equipment is falling apart and always using band aids to fix the problems. Trailers are in worse shape than the tractors with the doors falling apart and holes in the floor.

Average day is around 27 to 30 stops a day loaded in no certain sequence so you bounce around trying to get the truck empty before you have to start picking up. This does not mean that your day is done because you still may be required to make another run late in the day.

Average work day is between 12 and 14 hours again with no overtime being paid. Its a hurry, hurry, hurry environment allowing you only 15 minutes a stop don't exceed or suffer the wrath.