We Are Yard House

If you've been to a Yard House, you know there’s an unmistakable energy to the place - an excitement that you feel the moment you walk in the door. So we turned our cameras loose to try to capture that spirit. Check out the experience that define us - because more than beer, more than classic rock, more than delicious food, even more than a brand – We are Yard House!

No Heart No House

We have a saying here at Yard House - No Heart, No House. And it’s true. Our kitchen team members are the heart and soul of every one of our restaurants. The unsung heroes who prep, grill, sauté and masterfully create your favorite food. And while you may never meet them – you know them well – through the love and skill that goes into every one of their plates and dishes. Meet our Heart of House!

Food is Life!

Carlito Jocson, Yard House Corporate Executive Chef - Carlito began cooking at an early age. In fact restaurant work was putting him through school with a different career path in mind until a local food critic convinced him that being a chef was his true calling. Lucky for us!

As an original Yard House partner, Carlito is the visionary and driving force behind some of our most sought-after dishes. He believes that food brings us all together, and he’s deeply committed to his family and community.

Keg Day

There is one morning, before each new Yard House opens, when the trucks pull up and the kegs roll in. We like to call it Keg Day. Check out our homage to the room we call “The Cold Box” and a salute to the team that helps bring a brand new Yard House to life!

Rock Music. In Your Face.

It’s pretty simple - we don’t believe in background music. Anything less, is an insult to rock.

That’s also why, from the very beginning, we’ve tapped the best - LA-based DJ and savant of sound, Eugene Gordon - to design our high-end audio and HD systems for each of our restaurants. Eugene and his team at No Static Pro Audio believe in a commitment to quality and an incredible sound that is at the very heart of an epic guest experience.



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When the craft beer revolution began nearly 20 years ago, Yard House was there pioneering the way. Taking our vast experience with brews and breweries, coupling it with a kitchen that prepares over 100 items made from scratch daily, and serving it all up in a welcoming space with an energetic vibe, Yard House
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