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YouthBuild Charter School of CA

About YouthBuild Charter School of CA

Our main goals as a dropout recovery high school are to re-engage students who have been disconnected from the traditional school system, help them rediscover a passion for learning, equip them with a high school diploma, and provide post-secondary resources. By employing a project-based curriculum that is relevant and authentic, our students connect – more... with what they are learning and enhance their capacity for critical thinking, while being prepared for post-secondary rigor. In tandem with our previously stated goals, YouthBuild Charter works every day to inspire each of our graduates to be change agents within their communities. Social justice, a tenant of our school’s foundation, is made evident by intentional community service projects throughout the year and the daily practice of restorative justice, which allows the students to be a part of the policy making that nurtures school culture. Furthermore our devoted staff, many of whom have graduated from some of our nation's most prestigious universities, such as UCLA, USC, and Loyola Marymount, are deeply committed to our students inside and outside of the classroom.
Our school opened in 2008 during one of our nation’s most debilitating recessions. Even so, we have grown to fifteen sites across Southern California, with over 1,800 current students, 600 prospective graduates, and 1,115 alumni. YouthBuild Charter has been recognized by the City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, and the California State Assembly for our efforts to remedy the dropout crisis. YCSC’s governing board is comprised of three phenomenal community leaders that meet quarterly to ensure we continually grow as an organization and serve our students proficiently.


Our mission is to cultivate collaborative learning communities in which every student has the right to an authentic education, plays a meaningful role in creating positive social change, and becomes an active participant in working towards just conditions for all.


Our vision is that all young people, regardless of their circumstances, have access to an education that will prepare them to counter social inequities and realize their full potential. Our school empowers young people to transform themselves and become leaders in their communities. Our school is a haven of trust and respect, where students can prepare for success in careers, post-secondary education and life. – less

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