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ZIVELO is a company that designs, engineers, manufactures, and distributes public terminal systems throughout the world.

ZIVELO stands out in its industry of kiosk manufacturers, very similar to how Apple stands out in the computer sector. ZIVELO makes its products out of aluminum, while the industry continues to use steel. ZIVELO produces its machines
 – more... in the United States under fair trade standards while most others produce them in Asia with no labor standards. Most importantly, ZIVELO understands the need to create user-friendly interfaces, which is why we design our products with the most convenient and efficient features.

Probably most important, ZIVELO charges less than any of its competition while having the highest quality kiosks. ZIVELO has pricing on the website, with nothing to hide and no need to wait several days for a quote or proposal.

ZIVELO was created by a team of veterans that have worked in the public computing industry for over a decade. Their strengths are in global brand marketing, product design, and public ergonomics.

ZIVELO’s designs are often mimicked by many as anyone can see in the marketplace, but there is only one innovator – ZIVELO. – less

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