About Zoot Enterprises

Zoot has been the pioneer in the financial industry's instant credit decisioning arena for 15 years. We are the technical engine that is changing the way the nation's leading banks work. Zoot offers interesting jobs for enthusiastic individuals with a variety of backgrounds from non-technical to highly technical.

The Zoot jobs site contains job descriptions, information about Zoot employees, benefits, and the Zoot job application.



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Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Great People & Environment, little else.
Software Engineer / Quality Assurance Analyst, Bozeman MT - August 23, 2013
I worked at Zoot Enterprises for two years and have mostly fond memories of the experience. If you work at Zoot you will work with some great people in a friendly environment that is animal friendly.

Your average day will be 9-10 hours and you will, on occasion, be expected to work weekends and come in for 2AM production installs. Zoot prides itself on producing low cost products quickly and tends not to effectively push back against unreasonable client timelines.

The biggest problems for the company are compensation and turnover. If Zoot is desperate you may be hired at or above the going rate for your position. If Zoot is less desperate they will offer you a salary well below market. In either case you will most likely never receive a significant raise. These compensation issues, along with the long hours and sometimes questionable management decisions, lead to morale issues and high turnover.

I worked in the QA and Engineering departments several years ago and would like to stress that the above is only a reflection of my experiences in those areas of the company at that time. I have heard from other current and former employees that other departments do not have some of these problems. I would also like to stress that despite these criticisms I would again work for Zoot Enterprises as the cons are mostly counterbalanced by the pros.