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Job > Corrections Officer

CDCR February 28, 2017 Academy

Hi just starting this thread for the Febuary 28, 2017 academy hopefuls. I'm a female by the way, it seems most people always assume you're a guy...

168 0 minutes ago ERuiz - fresno in California
Job > Graphic Artist

Graphic Design, a dead field!

Words cannot describe how I'm feeling right now. A year ago I received my A.A. in Graphic Communication from Sacramento City College, and, even to...

14 2 minutes ago Ssgirl1 in Jacksonville, Florida
Job > Corrections Officer

FEBRUARY 2017 academy

Hey guys I just started up this thread. My husband will be attending the academy. Process was a long wait almost 2 1/2 years.

4 7 minutes ago Seaan in Susanville, California
General > Job Interviews

Job Hoax

DO NOT SIGN UP to have an interview with the screen name This is a hoax and it is not real. The position is with...

959 13 minutes ago - Indeed Host in Austin, Texas
Job > Process Operator

Tesoro in Wilmington, CA

Went to the test for the Process Op Trainee (Field) slot last Monday the 13th. There were probably 200-250 for 20-25 slots the HR lady said. We will...

629 17 minutes ago Al in Perris, California
Job > Flight Attendant

Horizon Airlines Interview Overview

HORIZON AIRLINES BENEFITS -100% paid benefits for the flight attendant (medical, dental, etc.), inexpensive benefits for the family if you wish...

1093 17 minutes ago Sea-air-A in Boise, Idaho
Job > Graphic Artist

Freelancing vs. Being an Employee- Time to Complete Projects?

I'm just wondering... I tend to take my time with my work, (I think every piece can always be improved). But in my internships, everyone wants me to...

0 19 minutes ago Ssgirl1 in Jacksonville, Florida
Company > Brookdale Senior Living

Brookdale......not good!!!

This company is not good in any way. They market QUALITY CARE for its residents but in many cases border abuse and neglect. They also treat the...

345 22 minutes ago flop in sarasota, Florida
Job > Corrections Officer

NY Correctional Academy

Does anyone know if or when the next NYSDOC 8 week academy training is and how long before your eligibility expires?

32985 29 minutes ago LADYChar in Buffalo, New York
Company > Toyota

Toyota Hiring Process

I have completed stage one and received a letter to come back for stage two.This is a full days work. I beleive that it is work simulation...

11478 29 minutes ago p_sh_87 in Burlington, Ontario
General > Job Interviews

Onsite Interview Went Great. How Long Before I Hear Back?

I had an onsite interview with the hiring manager and team member this past Friday. Everything went great. The hiring manager told me to think on...

3 32 minutes ago Desparate in Chicago, Illinois
Job > Flight Attendant

AMERICAN AIRLINES 2016 new candidates

Keep the good vibe going. A new forum for Canditates so we can connect easier.

2783 36 minutes ago ComeFlyWithMe17 in New York
Company > Southwest Airlines


Today I got my offer call for the customer service job in Atlanta with training starting on feb 27th. I'm excited about this job and I just want to...

16 47 minutes ago MyKidsAreMyWorld in Jonesboro, Georgia
Job > Radiologic Technologist

Will CT training be easy after completing MRI training?

I've been a Xray tech for a while and just finished getting trained in MRI. Now I'm thinking about applying to a program to get trained in CT. I'm...

0 53 minutes ago Franklin-O in Modesto, California
Job > Ultrasound Technician

I have OB Pegasus and ESP flash cards

Email me at

2 54 minutes ago Diana in Ontario, California
Job > Flight Attendant

Spirit Airlines...

I heard they were hiring, and it also shows up on the website. Does anyone know if this is true?

11303 54 minutes ago Spirit Hopeful in Dallas, Texas
Job > Banquet Server

serve times

Hi all...anyone have a clue as to how long is should take 7 servers to serve a plated meal for 200 people??? Let me an hour and 15...

15 55 minutes ago Yellow Rose in Marion, Texas
Job > Flight Attendant


does anyone know when skywest has their training dates? i had an interview with them the other day and am still waiting to hear from them. the...

10818 59 minutes ago Kwillis5 in Palmdale, California
Job > Corrections Officer

CDCR Quest 4 2016 Academy!!!

Hello fellow canidates!!. I wanted to start a new forum for the ones that applied this year 2015. Here's my dates let's begin. Applied. ...

816 1 hour ago Greenlantern777 in fresno, California
General > How to Use Indeed

how does indeed work? with the resume and all

so i have applied for a job last night and i have sent my resume. now what do i do? i just have to wait for their reply? like will they reply me back...

46 1 hour ago BritishRose in Walsall, United Kingdom
Job > Flight Attendant



2110 1 hour ago Fly2theSky in Piscataway, New Jersey
Job > Nurse RN

RN wanting to work in Aesthetic Medicine

Hello- I am an RN with my BSN and 8 years experience. I want to work in Aesthetic Medicine such as dermatology, plastic surgery, weight loss etc.....

0 1 hour ago janie in Austin, Texas
Job > Flight Attendant

Frontier Flight Attendants

Here is a brand new forum for Frontier Flight Attendants candidates wanting to share and compare information.

1747 2 hours ago FlightNurse in Spring Hill, Florida
General > How to Use Indeed

Can you write a review for a previous job?

I was curious if I could leave a review of a previous job for others that are applying to see.

6 2 hours ago BritishRose in Walsall, United Kingdom
Job > Airline Flight Attendant

Air Canada IFS Toronto base recruitment 2015

Air Canada is hiring again, let support each other and update each other!!

5957 2 hours ago obiknobi in Toronto, Ontario
Company > Brookdale Senior Living

Brookdale worst facility I have ever worked at!!!

Brookdale of Lexington n.c.has the worst management ever. They train you,then work you like dogs. Tell you when you might be off,and over work you....

0 2 hours ago MisHughes in Concord, North Carolina
Job > Car Hauler

Owner operators recommendations when starting out in car hauling.

I've spent 20 years in the Military, and the past 15 as a owner of a Home Improvement company, past five doing concrete construction. POINT I've been...

466 2 hours ago Bones in Spencer, Tennessee
Job > Corrections Officer

words of wisdom please!!

I have an orientation session with the nycdoc in less than a week. I just wanted to know what to expect and what this actually means in regards to...

874 2 hours ago Shadmo in Newark, New Jersey
General > Job Interviews

Including Unaccredited Work in Your Work Portfolio

Back in 2013 I assisted (as a student worker) on a collaboration project between my university and the University of Florence. I scanned the entirety...

1 2 hours ago Ms Doppelganger in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Job > Nursing Home Administrator

The Trials & Tribulations of a NHA

Hi All; I have been a LNHA for 3 years now. I suspect that like me, the majority of you chose this profession to make a difference in the lives...

31 2 hours ago Harlow101 in Cumming, Georgia
General > Job Interviews

Frustrated Underemployed Rant Part II

Are you underpaid, struggling to make ends meet, looked down on, and disrespected despite your education, skills and work experience? Let it all out...

78 2 hours ago BritishRose in Walsall, United Kingdom
Job > Medical Technologist

Questions about nevada state license for MT

I have a Bsc in biomedical sciences and a Msc in microbiology from Canada with 6 months of experience in Summer jobs as a lab tech. Relocating to Las...

2 2 hours ago yang in Lexington, Kentucky
Job > Echo Technician

Anyone recently take the Adult Echo (RDCS) test?

I'm taking it in 6 weeks and appreciate any advice. After I take it , pass or fail, I will post everything I can remember asap!

493 3 hours ago Julia in Bronx, New York
Company > Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Phone Interview

I just had a phone interview with Wells Fargo and I think it went really good, however, I dont get my hopes high anymore. Would like to hear some...

8 3 hours ago JB in Darby, Pennsylvania
Company > West Virginia University Health Associates

How to get a job at West Virginia University Health Associates.

Do you work at West Virginia University Health Associates? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone...

1 3 hours ago drmike95 in Monroeville, Pennsylvania
General > Career Advice


If you read an ad about your local car dealer hiring, if you get a call immediately, youll go to an interview with a "sales training & recruiting"...

6 3 hours ago Gio in Los Angeles, California
Job > Flight Attendant



1641 3 hours ago flyinhi in Portland, Oregon
Job > Airline Flight Attendant

Air Canada Rouge Interview

Has anyone on here gotten the phone call from AC Rouge for the initial interview? Mine was last Tuesday, no email back yet on whether I bombed or not...

4891 4 hours ago Lee95 in Toronto, Ontario
Job > Medical Coder

Staffing agencies you have worked with/or that have contacted you

Since these boards are all over the place I thought I would start a new listing to give experience in regards to staffing agencies and their...

26 4 hours ago Rich in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
General > Job Interviews

The Most Useless and Frustrating Job Search Advice...EVER!

Here are my top 5 pieces of absolutely useless advice that I've gotten, all of which do absolutely nothing except infuriate me further: 1: "If you...

2 4 hours ago BritishRose in Walsall, United Kingdom
Job > Tax Preparer

Tax preparation software and bank products

Bank product fees are getting out of hand and quite frankly so are the software fees. I have suggestions for any of those looking for a new software...

710 4 hours ago TURNKEYTAXBIZ0DOWN in Suwanee, Georgia
Job > Flight Attendant

United Airlines 2017 Flight Attendants, Candidates & Interviewees

New year which means its time for a new forum. Keeping in mind the social media policy all airlines have: 1. Don't post sensitive information such...

137 4 hours ago Buzzard in Los Angeles, California
Job > Freight Agent Broker

How Do i become a Freight broker without experience

Hello ive been searching all over the internet on how to start as a Freight agent and im having a really hard time finding information on how to get...

430 5 hours ago Tutone in Suring, Wisconsin
Job > Flight Attendant

United Airlines F2F interview on 1/4 2017

I am going to Houston for UA for F2F interview on Jan. 4th and I'm looking for a company. :)

2 5 hours ago FaInCa in Corona, California
Job > Airline Flight Attendant

ALASKA Airlines - Flight Attendant GROUP INTERVIEW process

ALASKA AIRLINES - Regarding GROUP INTERVIEWS, has anyone actually been at an ALASKA AIRLINES group interview? Please share any information related to...

6190 5 hours ago tvlgirl23 in Omaha, Nebraska
Job > Automotive Technician



1538 5 hours ago MBTECH San Diego in San Diego, California
Company > Delta

Customer Service Agent: Gate/Ticket - Ready Reserve

I have gone through the online assesment and phone interview, received the congratulations and am now waiting for the face to face interview. Has...

6067 5 hours ago Daydreamer12 in Long island, New York
Job > Car Hauler


Do not go through they will rip your head off. BIG scam they can all burn in F@CKIN hell

65 6 hours ago Josh in Boca Raton, Florida
Job > Claims Adjuster

How to become a claims trainee

Hi Everyone, I am 24 and about to graduate with a business management degree. I currently work for Sodexo in their Corporate services division. I am...

2 6 hours ago Mbenson2292 in Newark, New Jersey
Job > Claims Adjuster

How do I get an entry level claims position?

I can't seem to find companies in my area (Akron, OH) Any suggestions?

124 6 hours ago IAPath in Monument, Colorado

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