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Company > Verizon Wireless

Solutions Specialist - Hiring process taking a while?

Hello everyone. I mainly created this thread because i'm interested to hear if anyone else has had this long of a wait. Anyway, on 12/7 I submitted a...

1 4 minutes ago Sjmj9712 in Johnson City, Tennessee
Job > Corrections Officer

How long does the whole process take?

I live and applied to work in MD DOC for the county though, I passed my exam and turned in my investigation packet about 2 weeks ago and I was...

1047 5 minutes ago Jmj218 in Jamaica, New York
Job > Clinical Laboratory Scientist

2017 Applications

There are so many threads for other application years so I wanted to make a place to chat about applications for spring and fall of 2017. Did...

0 7 minutes ago Applicant in Davis, California
Company > Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless Hiring Process

Hello. A couple of days ago, I applied online to Verizon. I filled out the application and then took the separate assessment test. About 2 hours...

1 7 minutes ago Sjmj9712 in Johnson City, Tennessee
Job > Flight Attendant


So you think you have what it takes to be a Delta FA, well giddyup and show me.

21652 26 minutes ago dtc12 in New York, New York
Job > Corrections Officer

CDCR YCC & YCO Academy October 31, 2016

Thought I create a separate Discussion with my fellow colleagues who will attend the October 31, 2016 YCC/YCO Academy. I just want to get familiar...

54 27 minutes ago AG510 in San Lorenzo, California
Job > Flight Attendant



944 33 minutes ago Dreamchasser in Orlando, Florida
Job > Occupational Therapist

What's the biggest pain point you have in your OT practice?

Hi everybody! My name is Otto, I'm a Computer Science Engineer currently doing research about the Occupational Therapists market, I'm trying to...

1 33 minutes ago Otto Ortega in Los Angeles, California
Job > Corrections Officer

CDCR October 2016 Academy

Looks like the master schedule was updated this morning so let's get this started. The offers going out for this academy will most likely be from the...

759 36 minutes ago Seaan in Susanville, California
Company > UnitedHealth Group

Pre-Employment screening for tobacco/nicotine

A lot of healthcare companies have implemented a non-tobacco policy and won't hire candidates who uses the legal substance. Does UHG have a...

1 41 minutes ago Kermisha Glasgow in Mesquite, Texas
Job > Process Operator

Process Technology

I am currently in school, working toward a PTEC degree. I have a few questions. I know it varies, but, typically, what is the average starting...

14997 49 minutes ago woahhh! in Kansas City, Kansas
Job > Corrections Officer

CDCR Oct 2016 Academy Attendees confirmed

Alright Men and Women. This post is for us who have been given offers for October 2016 CDCR academy. We can all discuss our time up until we leave...

251 54 minutes ago Dmead in Fresno, California
General > Job Interviews

Job Hoax

DO NOT SIGN UP to have an interview with the screen name This is a hoax and it is not real. The position is with...

829 56 minutes ago Logand in El Paso, Texas
Job > Flight Attendant

Spirit Airlines...

I heard they were hiring, and it also shows up on the website. Does anyone know if this is true?

11193 58 minutes ago Sally sal in Harner, West Virginia
General > How to Use Indeed

Applicant Traffic Issues

I was getting consistent applicant traffic (25-30+ candidates a day) for both sponsored and non-sponsored ads. It seems like every week on Thursday's...

2 1 hour ago ld in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Job > Flight Attendant

Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Candidates 2016.

Welcome Aboard Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Hiring 2016. This forums is set up for the new FA Hiring posting August 11/2016. Also the...

523 1 hour ago Nikthegoddess in Orlando, Florida
Job > Flight Attendant

Republic, Shuttle, Chautauqua, North American, Trans States , and Air Wiscosin?

Any word on this airlines? How is to work with them and payment?

30037 1 hour ago Zaza in West Palm Beach, Florida
Job > Airline Flight Attendant

Air Canada IFS Toronto base recruitment 2015

Air Canada is hiring again, let support each other and update each other!!

5354 1 hour ago Skm in Hamilton, Ontario
General > Job Interviews

Frustrated Job Seekers Rant Part III

Started a new thread because I can't get the Frustrated Job Seekers thread (or ANY thread under the Career Advice category) to open. Maybe Indeed...

316 1 hour ago Helps2Blucky in Albany, New York
City > New York, New York

Anyone familiar with the NYC government hiring process?

Hi! Anyone familiar with the hiring process for the NYC government agencies? I went on an interview and received an offer for employment back in the...

374 1 hour ago Trice718 in New york, New York
Job > Medical Technologist

George Washington University online MLS program

With all of the Medical Lab Science Programs that exist out there, I was wondering if anyone had attended or heard of anyone who had done the online...

6 1 hour ago Diemhuong in Olney, Maryland
Job > Customer Service Representative


1 1 hour ago theparkland in Austin, Texas
Job > Flight Attendant

Jet Blue F/A Information?

Has anyone actually gone to an interview for Jet Blue? I received an automated phone interview and was curious what comes next? Pros and Cons of...

26968 2 hours ago kellyann in Orlando, Florida
Company > Southwest Airlines

Face to face interview in BOS

Received the call today to set up the face to face interview. It'll be taking place in Boston Logan airport. So excited but the trip there is going...

17 2 hours ago Misterj in Jamaica, New York
Job > Transportation Security Officer

Working hours for Transportation Security Officer

For everyone that is a Transportation Security Officer, how long did it take for you to get a schedule that had weekends off? When your first...

3694 2 hours ago Yadira Rodriguez in Bronx, New York
Job > Car Hauler

Owner operators recommendations when starting out in car hauling.

I've spent 20 years in the Military, and the past 15 as a owner of a Home Improvement company, past five doing concrete construction. POINT I've been...

394 2 hours ago Carlos p in Davenport, Florida
General > Resume Tips

Has anyone paid to have a resume written for them?

A few questions: * How much did you pay for it? * What was unique about it? * Was it more effective than your old resume? * Would you do...

378 2 hours ago James Wawes in NYC, United States minor outlying islands
Job > Freight Agent Broker

Freight Agent

The company I work for hires freight agent fresh out of school or with little experience. Email me for details at

0 2 hours ago TC Chapp in Dallas, Texas
Job > Corrections Officer

NY Correctional Academy

Does anyone know if or when the next NYSDOC 8 week academy training is and how long before your eligibility expires?

31705 2 hours ago CpD83 in New York
Job > Respiratory Therapist

Respiratory Care Practitioner TEXAS

Does anyone know how long it will take for the state to process a new license through the Texas Medical Board? This is the only step holding me back...

16 2 hours ago harrisy in Corona, California
Company > Nina Mclemore

Nina Mclemore Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits.

What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at Nina Mclemore? What do you like best about working at Nina...

2 2 hours ago the baker in Long Island City, New York
Job > Corrections Officer

CDCR Appealing Psych (POPE)

I just recently got my letter of disqualification about 2 weeks after conducting my face-to-face POPE. They think I can't handle the stress of the...

200 2 hours ago The Chosen 1 in Tracy, California
Company > Dollar General


I need A job

0 2 hours ago Melvin cook in Collins, Mississippi
Job > Flight Attendant


I applied last year for a position Tha I'm probably not going to get it just went under review last month (applied 9/5) is that going to make a...

0 3 hours ago Annie101 in Illinois
Job > Corrections Officer

Conditions in New York State Correction Academy

I wanted to know what to expect at the NYS Correction Academy. Are the rooms very small and cramped? Didn't want to bring too much if thats the case....

51 4 hours ago Husky422 in Lindenhurst, New York
Job > Ultrasound Technician

Hate Being A Sonographer

I am a newly employed tech and absolutely hate it. The responsibility is overwhelming for me and I have so much anxiety every time I have to go into...

62 4 hours ago James Eroche, RDMS, RVT in Houma, Louisiana
Job > Electrician

overseas electrician jobs

I am looking for information on well paying electrician jobs overseas or nationwide.I am a licensed contractor as well as a certified commercial...

2768 4 hours ago Taylor in Tampa, Florida
Job > Flight Attendant



485 5 hours ago retireddeltafa in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Job > Pathology Assistant

This year's application cycle

Just trying to start up a conversation of this years applicants since a lot of the program's applications have started to open up! There isn't a...

371 5 hours ago AthenaClimbs in New York, New York
Job > Flight Attendant


Hey everyone -- Let's put those old forums to bed, cut out the negativity and start fresh for 2016. Discuss here your process applying to be a...

732 5 hours ago Georgiagirl60 in Dallas, Georgia
Company > Temp

Still no end date from temp job.

I've asked the temp agency that I'm working for once a month to get an end date from the job so I have a little notice. Employees at the job tell me...

0 5 hours ago JeSpin in Bensalem, Pennsylvania
Job > Flight Attendant

American Airlines Flight Attendant Training Classes.

Welcome Aboard American Airlines Flight Attendant Training Classes Starting Sept 2016 and Beyond. Our Destination is Earning Flight Attendant...

49 5 hours ago bellaitalia in Bluffton, South Carolina
Job > Web Developer

Im new and Im looking for entry level web developer job

Im new and Im looking for entry level web developer job , can u guys help me how i can getthis first job???? Im done with school and I know html5...

3 6 hours ago James Still in Slough, United Kingdom
Job > Master Electrician

Master electrician wages for rent license to anothers?

Hi im a master electrician in houston,tx sombady is asking me for rent my license for open a electrical company whats de wage he as to payme?

951 6 hours ago Lance1963 in Dallas, Texas
General > How to Use Indeed

Replying to email messages

If I reply directly to an email sent from Indeed with the candidates CV will it go to their email address or do I need to copy their email address...

19 7 hours ago Usha in Johnstone, United Kingdom
Job > Veterinarian

Too old to become a Vet?

I am 31 years old. I do not have a 4 year degree. I have worked full time since 16. I completed high school and have about 40 units at the junior...

104 11 hours ago Ana in Dallas, Texas
Job > Flight Attendant

American Airlines Flight Attendants 2015....Posted 9/30/2014 and 2015 postings

This is new forum for American Airlines Flight Attendant Applicants who will be in AA uniform in 2015 and Flying representing the World's largest...

5480 11 hours ago Shelley in Phoenix, Arizona
Job > Flight Attendant

AMERICAN AIRLINES 2016 new candidates

Keep the good vibe going. A new forum for Canditates so we can connect easier.

1564 13 hours ago undergrace in portland, Oregon
Job > Ultrasound Technician

Anyone started their own business?

I am going to graduate this spring from Mountain State University. I have definitely noticed the decline in job opportunities sin first enrolling in...

58 13 hours ago Marquetta
Company > T-Mobile

TMobile Background Check

Hi, I recently applied at TMobile and was told they wanted to move forward pending a background check. My ground check cleared a week ago but I...

14 14 hours ago JG2016 in Kentucky

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