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Job > Flight Attendant

American Airlines Flight Attendant Applicants 5/15/2017 Postings.

Hello Applicants Regular Position and LOD (Language Positions). This Forums is for ALL Applicants of the newest postings of AA FA openings on...

1726 21 minutes ago anarim in Massachusetts
General > Job Interviews

Relocation package-- exists or not?

Hello, I'm a very strong candidate for a job opening. It involves pretty rare skills and I'm one of the few people with them. I nailed the...

3 55 minutes ago dloves100 in San Jose, California
General > How to Use Indeed

Brass Ring???

I'm already logged in, but when I try to apply for a job it takes me to another page asking me to login again....but doesn't recognize my account???...

8 58 minutes ago dloves100 in San Jose, California
General > Job Interviews

"Jobs Near You" from Google

Jobs Near You is a new search tool from Google. You simply type Jobs Near You in Google's Search field. Google will display jobs from "many...

1 59 minutes ago dloves100 in San Jose, California
General > Resume Tips

Feeling disrespected and taken advantage of.

I work as a dental associate in a private practice setting, but my boss has hired another associate without discussing with me at all. I've been at...

9 1 hour ago dloves100 in San Jose, California
General > How to Use Indeed

How to change screen name?

In the Edit Forum Profile section (from clicking on change location) I can change the city I am in. However, the screen name field is not editable. ...

2 1 hour ago dloves100 in San Jose, California
General > Resume Tips

My resume response rate has increased DRASTICALLY, but how can I improve?

I was making the mistake of having a 5 page non customized resume with all of my experience for every job I applied to. Now I do/did the below and...

3 1 hour ago dloves100 in San Jose, California
General > Job Interviews

frito-lay hiring process

Hello, well I just got back from my first interview with Frito-Lay. I have heard its a pretty intense hiring process, however the first interview...

190 1 hour ago dloves100 in San Jose, California
General > Resume Tips

First ever resume, no achievements, etc.

Hello, I'm new here! Thanks for having me. Okay, this is going to be my first resume. I'm currently a 17-year-old, trying to get a job at a Tokyo...

6 1 hour ago dloves100 in San Jose, California
General > Job Interviews

Scam/Texts regarding a posistion

Lately, I'm getting text messages about a position that I may have applied for on this site. But the odd thing is these texts are coming from a 510...

6 1 hour ago dloves100 in San Jose, California
Job > Corrections Officer

NY Correctional Academy

Does anyone know if or when the next NYSDOC 8 week academy training is and how long before your eligibility expires?

34606 1 hour ago BMZ3751 in New York
Job > Flight Attendant



3374 1 hour ago Jo
General > Job Interviews

Waiting on Internal Approvals from HR since 3 weeks. Its been 3 months from the date when i applied for this role.

Hello Everyone, I had applied for a job back in March 22 for a company in NYC and then I heard back from the HR on May 7 and then I had an...

6 1 hour ago dloves100 in San Jose, California
General > Job Interviews

Why am i not getting hired on

Well here is the picture i applied for a job and got a interview the interview went great she said she liked me so i got a 2nd interview and he said...

495 1 hour ago dloves100 in San Jose, California
Company > Southwest Airlines

HOU Ramp Agent Question

Hey I was hired for RAMP at HOU on 6/8/2017, did fingerprinting, then received an email from Sterling on 6/22 wanting my HS transcripts and Diploma,...

1 1 hour ago dloves100 in San Jose, California
Job > Chauffeur

Accepting a Private Chauffer Job Offer

How much should I be making? The offer was for 45K per year with benefits.

24 1 hour ago dloves100 in San Jose, California
Job > Flight Attendant

Jet Blue Airport Operations Crew (Ticket Agents)

To apply for this position on Jet Blue go to create a profile and apply for the position open in your city. Check daily to...

1148 1 hour ago Emptynester in Miami, Florida
Job > Flight Attendant


It is 2017 so it is time for a new discussion about everything related to becoming an American Airlines flight attendant. Feel free to discuss...

530 1 hour ago Jo in Orlando, Florida
Job > Flight Attendant

Virgin America

Does anyone have any insight on Virgin America? This airline was suggested to me by a kind person on here and I went to their website to check them...

13756 1 hour ago LMC in Huntington Beach, California
Job > Flight Attendant

Atlas Air hiring FAs?

I heard a rumor that Atlas, a cargo airline, has decided to get into the big time charter game. Any truth to that? If so, WHEN will they be hiring...

2289 2 hours ago fedvvfac in San Antonio, Texas
Job > Corrections Officer

August 2017 CDCR academy

Lookin like July 2017 academy is alreafy full wanted to start a new forum for us august academy hopefuls., ...

76 2 hours ago Haideezy in Castro Valley, California
Company > Bank Of America

My hiring process-ask me questions

Hi everyone I recently applied with BOA and got hired and im gonna explain my hiring process plus answer anyone's questions. I applied 2/12/12 for a...

19 3 hours ago I M in Columbus, Ohio
Job > Airline Flight Attendant

WestJet 2016 FA recruitment - Toronto

Who got in and is starting training in August?

478 3 hours ago Toffee in Richmond, British Columbia
Job > Flight Attendant


It appears the 2017 United Airline was closed by Indeed due to CONTACREW'S trolling. I've created this new forum for positive and drama-free...

298 4 hours ago UALSW in New York, New York
Job > Process Operator

Valero operator test

I was invited to test at valero in the houston/texas city area. I have a few questions. First, has anyone tested at valero and if so what is the use...

2635 4 hours ago Jonathan Howard in Brownsville, Texas
Job > Corrections Officer

CDCR - Drug Testing.

I have been legally smoking cannabis for over a year now. This plant has helped so much in my everyday life. It has made me appreciate the world, the...

4 6 hours ago Kalyn in RANCHO CUCAMONGA, California
Job > Transportation Security Officer

Working hours for Transportation Security Officer

For everyone that is a Transportation Security Officer, how long did it take for you to get a schedule that had weekends off? When your first...

4564 6 hours ago mike in Forest Hills, New York
Job > Medical Technologist

Im Planning to take the AMT exam.

Any tips or suggestion what books should i review or do you have any reviewing materials to suggest... :) Thank you!

1166 6 hours ago flygrrrrl in Atlanta, Georgia
Job > Speech Language Pathologist

Too Old For a Career Change to SLP?

Hi. I am a 51-year old woman who is considering a career change into SLP. Because of the pre-req courses I would need, I am looking at starting the...

22 7 hours ago Windy in Aurora, Minnesota
Company > Dollar General

Background check?

I've recently been interviewed for a job at Dollar General. I got the job pending the background check. I don't have a criminal record so I'm not...

4 7 hours ago Terrika in Ardmore, Oklahoma
Job > Physical Therapy Assistant

Advice about preparing for the board exam

I'm considering taking the board exam in April, but am somewhat concerned about being able to properly prepare for it because I'll be on a clinical...

158 8 hours ago ljkrulis in Brooklyn, New York
Company > Southwest Airlines

How long is the background check?

I had my F2F and finger prints last Monday. I did the drug test but haven't hear back from sterling.. I did a review on my job and I had mad a...

81 8 hours ago ekcopolo85 in Pasadena, Texas
Company > Southwest Airlines

A few Questions

On 6/21/2017 I submitted my resume via the online portal, on 6/22/2017 I received the email for the application completion and the phone call to set...

1 9 hours ago ekcopolo85 in Pasadena, Texas
Company > Dollar General

dollar general background check

how many years does dollar general go back on a background check?

2 9 hours ago Terrika in Ardmore, Oklahoma
Job > Pharmacy Technician

"Why becoming a certified pharmacy technician is not worth your time"

The biggest grip I have with the pharmacy technician field is that its so misleading to people. Most people are sold a bill of goods about this field...

190 9 hours ago Life's what you make it in Baltimore, Maryland
Job > Dental Hygienist

Life as a Dental Hygienist in Vermont

I've been working as a dental hygienist in NJ for 7 years now and I'm considering moving to VT. For those experienced in the area, I want to know...

0 10 hours ago njrdh in Toms River, New Jersey
Company > Delta

Customer Service Agent: Gate/Ticket - Ready Reserve

I have gone through the online assesment and phone interview, received the congratulations and am now waiting for the face to face interview. Has...

6552 12 hours ago Karyn90 in Boston, Massachusetts
Job > Police Officer

I Wish I Never Became a Police Officer

I'm a retired officer from the East Coast, and I can honestly say that I wish I never became a police officer. I did my best to do good during my...

91 13 hours ago Great idea in Las Vegas, Nevada
Job > Corrections Officer

CDCR July 2017 Academy

Hello all! I am starting this thread for the July academy for those of us still waiting... Let's hope we get in this time! It's been a loooong wait...

646 16 hours ago J3289 in El centro, California
Company > Anheuser-Busch

How to get a job at Anheuser-Busch.

Do you work at Anheuser-Busch? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

198 16 hours ago FutureABTech in Houston, Texas
Job > Respiratory Therapist

Stay far, far away from Respiratory!!!!

Stay away. There are no jobs and no money out there. This "profession" is like the adopted child of the medical field family that nobody wanted. No...

116 17 hours ago RRT in Bellaire, Texas
Job > Dental Hygienist


I was recently in for a dental appointment, i had a cold sore on my lip. They said they couldnt see me. why is that?

18 17 hours ago SARAH in Ashburn, Virginia
Job > Instructional Designer

Getting a job in Instructional Design with a Masters and NO experience.

I am a grad student in Instructional Technology who will graduate in June. I have begun the job hunt already and as I have been reading through...

53 17 hours ago Andrea in Orange Park, Florida
Job > Process Operator

Process Technology

I am currently in school, working toward a PTEC degree. I have a few questions. I know it varies, but, typically, what is the average starting...

17179 18 hours ago BeetsBearsBattleStarGalactica in Alvin, Texas
Company > GEICO

How to get a job at GEICO.

Do you work at GEICO? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

164 18 hours ago Khadija in El Cajon, California
Job > Freight Agent Broker

finding shippers

please!!!!!!!!!!! can someone just give me one good technique how to find companies that need shipping

32 19 hours ago Cedes in Southaven, Mississippi
Job > Medical Technologist

Molecular Biology ASCP certification exam

I was wondering if anyone had taken the ASCP Molecular Biology certification exam? Hardly any information is available online. I am scheduled to...

1157 19 hours ago YP in Yukon, Oklahoma
Company > Southwest Airlines

Contingent offer

Hello! Just looking for some advice. I received a contingent offer on May 2. How long does it take to know anything after getting that offer?

139 20 hours ago Good girl in Pompano Beach, Florida
Job > Flight Attendant


Has anyone ever applied or worked for Allegiant? They seem to be a good company to work from from what I've read. They also have the domiciles I...

7790 20 hours ago itscaitlin in Katy, Texas
Job > Carpenter

Union Journeyman Carpenter Looking for Work

I have been a union member over 20 years!I have been looking for work for the past month! 10 months ago I got laid off my job I worked for them over...

590 20 hours ago MASSvOCALS in Templeton, Massachusetts

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