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Company > Hilti India Pvt. Ltd


Could u please suggest me something before going for interview

0 8 minutes ago santosh in New Delhi, India
Job > Flight Attendant


Has anyone ever applied or worked for Allegiant? They seem to be a good company to work from from what I've read. They also have the domiciles I...

5357 23 minutes ago eyy may in Hollywood, Florida
Job > Flight Attendant

American Airlines hiring flight Attendants 2013!!!!!

Hi all I just received information that Legacy carrier American Airlines will be hiring flight attendants for 2013!! Whether this true or not I'm...

54153 1 hour ago FutureFA in Bronx, New York
Company > Steve Kent Trucking Permian Basin

What's the company culture at Steve Kent Trucking Permian Basin?

Every business has its own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Steve Kent Trucking Permian Basin? Are people dressed in...

1 2 hours ago Eric Nelson in Midland, Texas
Job > Personal Assistant

I'd like to become a Personal Assistant and/or Assistant of some kind.

Hello, I'm new to Los Angeles. I came here seeking opportunities however it's been hard finding them. I'd like to do a bit of assisting to others as...

1 2 hours ago anand in Ashburn, Virginia
Job > Flight Attendant

Spirit Airlines...

I heard they were hiring, and it also shows up on the website. Does anyone know if this is true?

9003 3 hours ago Capri in Troy, Michigan
General > Career Advice

Should I expect a job offer?

I had a job interview with a tv network on Tuesday, we got to talking and in the interview, I mentioned I knew a couple ppl that worked there. The...

1 3 hours ago JRise25 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
General > Career Advice

Need a job title and help with salary estimate

Hi all, I work at a small electric engineering company and I have been given an odd task. I need to figure out approximately what I should be...

0 3 hours ago Chamaeleon in San Francisco, California
Job > Corrections Officer

Corrections written test

Hi guys I recently took the correctional officer written test. My questions is how long does it take to get back results to see if you passed? They...

33 3 hours ago Fernando Betancourt in Pomona, California
Job > Corrections Officer

Correction Officer in Connecticut

Hey guys, i just passed my written exam last month and am scheduled for my pt may 1st. I have been trianing for the past 2 months and i am still very...

2897 4 hours ago GPhiNation in Brooklyn, New York
Job > Corrections Officer

CDCR Sept 8th academy

Who's headed to the Sept 8th academy? I accepted an offer to High Desert

52 4 hours ago Blue in Walnut Creek, California
Job > Corrections Officer

March 2013 Applicants for CDCR Correctional officer. Background, Psych, Medical

Hello everyone, I am a March 2013 applicant for CDCR to become a correctional officer. I am currently in the background check phase and I was...

3085 4 hours ago CO2 in Lodi, California
Company > Bank Of America

Here's my Bank of America Fraud Analyst hiring experience - start to finish

I applied and have been hired as a Fraud Analyst I, and I start on Sept. 23, 2013! It took me 3 months total of looking for a job and finally getting...

7 4 hours ago cleanupseeker9 in Honolulu, Hawaii
General > Career Advice

How do I speak to 3 people in a panel interview?

When I spoke in front of 3 interviewers, I realized my eyes were usually on the person who sat directly in front of me, while almost ignoring the...

0 4 hours ago Hannah Larsson in Boston, Massachusetts
Company > R&C Tours Guam Inc

How to get a job at R&C Tours Guam Inc.

Do you work at R&C Tours Guam Inc? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

1 5 hours ago exrcmanager in Marysville, Washington
Job > Pharmacy Technician


I'm a certified pharmacy tech, have more than 4 years experience and I think all of these schools are SCAMS!! Why would you pay thousands of dollars...

161 5 hours ago Paulette15 in Los Angeles, California
Job > Corrections Officer

CDCR November 2013 CO Applicants

I thought it would be a good idea to start a discussion for November applicants. Here's my timeline: Applied - November 2013 Written - January...

218 5 hours ago Fernando Betancourt in Pomona, California
Company > Georgia-Pacific

How to get a job at Georgia-Pacific.

Do you work at Georgia-Pacific? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

26 5 hours ago in Antananarivo, Madagascar
Company > Jazeera Airways

What's the company culture at Jazeera Airways?

Every business has its own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Jazeera Airways? Are people dressed in business casual, jeans...

1 5 hours ago beingparker in Mumbai, India
Job > Corrections Officer


Did anyone who applied in August 2013 receive ANYTHING via email yet?

1333 5 hours ago Jesse in Alhambra, California
General > Career Advice

Unemployed Only Please

I created this discussion for people who are UNEMPLOYED ONLY!! It's not for people who have a job making $50K and are looking for a job making $80K....

118 5 hours ago Leeann66 in Ontario
Job > Business Associate

Besparelser rejsetips

Newport International Group Projects Company - Rejser du denne sommer? Uanset om du tager en lokal tur eller ledes til en anden stat(eller et andet...

0 6 hours ago conanquinn001 in Ireland
Job > Corrections Officer

CDCR June Acadamy 2011

Anyone else waiting?

15112 6 hours ago Yess1976 in Long Beach, California
General > Career Advice

Have master's degree, can't find work, return to grad school for another degree?

I finished my MSW last summer, and have been unable to find full-time employment in my area. Frustrated with lack of job offers, I applied and was...

49 6 hours ago uptoyou in providence, Rhode Island
Job > Business Associate

Cheyney Group Accounting: Är det värt att hyra bokföringstjänster för ditt företag?

Starta eget företag kan vara en spännande tid och det är viktigt att gå in i det med en positiv mental attityd annars du ska kämpa för att få igenom...

0 6 hours ago cheskalevkin in Montréal, Quebec
Job > Flight Attendant

Interested in becoming a flight attendant, but I am only 4'11. Am I too short? Are there any short flight attendants out there?

Hi everyone! I am new to this forum. I am very interested in becoming a flight attendant. I would love to be a flight attendant for a major carrier,...

0 7 hours ago mbrinton94 in Blackwood, New Jersey
Job > Flight Attendant

Horizon Airlines Interview Overview

HORIZON AIRLINES BENEFITS -100% paid benefits for the flight attendant (medical, dental, etc.), inexpensive benefits for the family if you wish...

739 7 hours ago Flying-n-Smiling in Washington
Company > AT&T

AT&T Training Process

I was just hired with AT&T for a Retail Sales Consultant and have not yet started my training process. It starts Jan 10, 2010 and I want to know if...

974 7 hours ago thawle4 in Carson, California
Company > Aafmaa

Aafmaa Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits.

What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at Aafmaa? What do you like best about working at Aafmaa? ...

1 7 hours ago Steve in Boston, Massachusetts
Job > Flight Attendant

DELTA airline F2F interview 2014

Does anyone had a f2f interview on 1/28 7:30am?

2885 7 hours ago lucie lu in Los Angeles, California
Job > Social Worker

school social worker

Hi all, I currently work as a clinician in a group home for adolescent males on the autism spectrum with PTSD. I am looking to switch up my career...

0 8 hours ago lmc in Torrington, Connecticut
Job > Package Handler



23 8 hours ago Michael ward in Houston, Texas
Company > Home Depot

Terminated from home deopt!`

About a month ago i was terminated from HD ! After more than four years of service they let me go for 4 tarties! Whats up with that. the are a few...

12 8 hours ago Zack Lloyd in Norfolk, Virginia
General > Resume Tips

Will you attach some of your previous project with your resume?

Is it a good idea to put previous project pictures/papers with your resume? (Engineering)

21 8 hours ago arron lee in California
Company > SCA Appraisal

Its not worth it to work for SCA...

Let me start by saying that you absolutely will not become a millionaire being an appraiser with SCA. In fact, you might even make as much or less...

3 8 hours ago Questions AboutSCA in USA, Maryland
Job > Flight Attendant

Southwest Airline Flight Attendant Hiring 2014.

Hi Everyone, Southwest Airlines opened Flight Attendant Hiring 12/18/2013. I wanted to start a Fresh new forum for all of us so we can keep our...

2629 8 hours ago Dori Skaarer in Harlingen, Texas
Job > Dental Assistant

Unappreciated Assistants?

I think after 5 years i'm trowing in the towel. I'm not really seeking advice, but more or less wondering if I am alone in my struggle. I started...

185 9 hours ago unknown in Cliffside Park, New Jersey
Job > Flight Attendant

Will Delta recruit anymore FA's for 2014

Please someone!!! Let me know if they recruit anymore!! I missed out on last session while waiting on Birth certificate and passport. Really want to...

0 9 hours ago in Rutledge, Tennessee
Job > Corrections Officer

NY Correctional Academy

Does anyone know if or when the next NYSDOC 8 week academy training is and how long before your eligibility expires?

20398 9 hours ago Etkini in Bennington, Vermont
General > Career Advice

Chances of Getting into SLP Grad Program

Hi Everyone! I graduated in 2013 with a BA in Psychology, and I'm thinking of pursuing a career in Speech Language Pathology. I was hoping...

0 9 hours ago Kenzie in Dearborn Heights, Michigan
General > Career Advice

career advice

I am considering a career in real estate. I love sales, work hard, do not mind long hours, and can wait for the reward. My biggest concern is that I...

26 9 hours ago Leeann66 in Ontario
Company >

What's the company culture at

Every business has its own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Are people dressed in business casual,...

1 10 hours ago Sal2345 in Arlington, Massachusetts
Company > USAA

Would a poor credit score prevent me from getting a job at USAA?

I had my second interview, waiting on the results of my background check and was wondering if my credit score of 581 would prevent me from getting...

4 10 hours ago John Righter in San Antonio, Texas
Job > Operations Manager

Looking to exit retail management...

I have been an assistant store manager in 2 big box retailers for the past 10 years and am looking for a change. Can someone suggest any options out...

1 10 hours ago xboxer in Tucson, Arizona
Company > Brookdale Senior Living

Brookdale......not good!!!

This company is not good in any way. They market QUALITY CARE for its residents but in many cases border abuse and neglect. They also treat the...

244 10 hours ago Joemnc in Charlotte, North Carolina
Job > Phlebotomist



8 10 hours ago in Raleigh, North Carolina
Job > Diesel Mechanic

05 international 4300 series power problem

hey all, we've been dealing with 3 trucks in our fleet that are experiencing severe power losses. no codes are being set, and several things have...

447 10 hours ago Rudy In Fort Smith in Fort Smith, Arkansas
Job > Medical Technologist

Philippine BMLS/BSMT Graduates Information on CA license.

I have been reading so many questions regarding graduates from the Philippines asking about requirements, eligibility and many more so I just decided...

8 10 hours ago TGP in Woodland Hills, California
Company > AT&T

Retail Sales Consultant Hours

I have been doing some research on the RSC position. I have heard some good and bad things, and the biggest negative seems to be the hours. I have...

1 10 hours ago rienda91 in Petaluma, California
Job > Security Guard


Everyone working as a security guard in New York State must have a license. Obtaining the license involves several steps: -complete the NYS...

497 10 hours ago Security School in Queens Village, New York

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