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Company > Epic Systems

Samples Questions on Written Test

Can some one help me about the written test on epic system. Like some sample questions?

187 5 minutes ago Denise
Job > Flight Attendant

Frontier Flight Attendants

Here is a brand new forum for Frontier Flight Attendants candidates wanting to share and compare information.

2581 8 minutes ago Mimi in Pompano Beach, Florida
Job > Respiratory Therapist

Respiratory Therapy Notes - Pass the TMC exam

Updated written and sim notes available on this Facebook page, plus some education.

7 18 minutes ago Eblonde in West Palm, Florida
General > Career Advice

How come job adds never list pay or salary? That would cut down on applicants and other issues. You go to an interview and may

How come job adds never list pay or salary? That would cut down on applicants and other issues. You go to an interview and maybe get hired but...

18 29 minutes ago AtExit8 in City, New Jersey
Job > Flight Attendant

Spirit Airlines...

I heard they were hiring, and it also shows up on the website. Does anyone know if this is true?

11689 31 minutes ago Buzzard in Los Angeles, California
Job > Flight Attendant

American Airlines Flight Attendant Applicants 5/15/2017 Postings.

Hello Applicants Regular Position and LOD (Language Positions). This Forums is for ALL Applicants of the newest postings of AA FA openings on...

2673 34 minutes ago Dw in Sarasota, Florida
Job > Corrections Officer

Quest for 2017 October academy

Starting a discussion for the October 2017 academy and beyond. Crossing my fingers for this one!

30 39 minutes ago Edward in Anaheim, California
Job > Flight Attendant


It is 2017 so it is time for a new discussion about everything related to becoming an American Airlines flight attendant. Feel free to discuss...

860 43 minutes ago Xman77 in Texas
General > Job Interviews

Job Hoax

DO NOT SIGN UP to have an interview with the screen name This is a hoax and it is not real. The position is with...

1393 48 minutes ago DC in Pearland, Texas
Job > Airline Flight Attendant

WestJet 2017 FA recruitment

Though I would start one here for 2017 Have you guys went for an interview recently?

276 51 minutes ago Wajahat in Brampton, Ontario
Job > Process Operator

Process Technology

I am currently in school, working toward a PTEC degree. I have a few questions. I know it varies, but, typically, what is the average starting...

17338 57 minutes ago Blessed in Hammond, Louisiana
Job > Flight Attendant

Sun Country Airlines

I don't know much about this airline, but saw they are hiring flight attendants for MSP and applied. I do know they get good customer reviews so I'm...

665 1 hour ago WatchMeTakeFlight in Unknown, New York
Job > Flight Attendant


does anyone know when skywest has their training dates? i had an interview with them the other day and am still waiting to hear from them. the...

11660 1 hour ago Adventureofalifetime in San Francisco, California
Job > Flight Attendant

Mesa Airlines

Is there anyone out there who works as a flight attendant for Mesa? I hear so much negative conversation about them and the way they treat their...

7663 2 hours ago ShootForTheStars in Nashville, Tennessee
Job > Flight Attendant


It appears the 2017 United Airline was closed by Indeed due to CONTACREW'S trolling. I've created this new forum for positive and drama-free...

647 2 hours ago CONTACREW3 in New York, New York
General > Job Interviews


I have been receiving a whole lot of emails in response to my resume that give you the directions to interview by Gmail/Google Hangout. I do not...

27 2 hours ago Smithj1027 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
General > Career Advice

Would you take a job that was beneath you if you were desperate

By that I mean, would you take a job at a warehouse or fast food place if you have a degree just to pay the bills?

21 2 hours ago BarracudaStaffing in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Job > CNC Machinist

Freelance offsite Mastercam cnc programming - Need some information please

Throwing some feeler's out there. I am considering doing some offsite freelance programming and am curious if there is any work to be had out there....

37 2 hours ago BarracudaStaffing in Tulsa, Oklahoma
General > Job Interviews

Beacon HR "Certification" Scam

***Just received the following, after a GENERIC response to bait and find out more information I sent that "resume was correct" they sent me a link...

32 2 hours ago JA5309 in Buford, Georgia
Job > Nurse RN

New Grad RN Looking for a job opening and sponsorship!!

Hi nurse recuiters I am RN and used to work at a hospital of Korea for 3 years. I've just completed the BSN program in CA. I'm living in...

135 2 hours ago KT in Alhambra, California
Job > Corrections Officer

August 2017 CDCR academy

Lookin like July 2017 academy is alreafy full wanted to start a new forum for us august academy hopefuls., ...

1003 2 hours ago Ureyes25
Job > Flight Attendant


Has anyone ever applied or worked for Allegiant? They seem to be a good company to work from from what I've read. They also have the domiciles I...

8127 2 hours ago Jsg in Fort Myers, Florida
City > New York, New York

Anyone familiar with the NYC government hiring process?

Hi! Anyone familiar with the hiring process for the NYC government agencies? I went on an interview and received an offer for employment back in the...

659 3 hours ago nyny in Brooklyn, New York
Job > Claims Adjuster

Travelers Auto Claims Adjuster Assessment

I have my auto claims assessment test for Travelers coming up soon and hoping if anyone could give me some insite on what I should expect?

19 4 hours ago unknown in New Britain, Connecticut
Job > Airline Flight Attendant

ALASKA Airlines - Flight Attendant GROUP INTERVIEW process

ALASKA AIRLINES - Regarding GROUP INTERVIEWS, has anyone actually been at an ALASKA AIRLINES group interview? Please share any information related to...

6797 4 hours ago welcome aboard in Bellingham, Washington
Job > Nurse RN

Board ordered nurse

I am a RN and have recently recieved a Board order from the Board of Nurses stating i must work under the supervision of another RN dosent have to be...

1602 4 hours ago FedupRN in Los Angeles, California
General > Job Interviews

Has anyone here ever used

I did this assessment/test last night and it took 3.5 hours. It consisted of 55 questions for powerpoint, 55 for excel and 55 for Word and then a 3...

129 5 hours ago AtExit8 in City, New Jersey
Job > Freight Agent Broker

I want to start my own Freight Broker Company

Can someone tell me what steps I need to take to start my own Freight Broker company from home if I don't have any experience?

0 5 hours ago dinitaW in Texas
Job > Wildlife Biologist

Am I too old to start my way to becoming a wildlife biologist?

Hi there! I have been working in the medical field for the past 6 years and I'm wanting to change career. My passion for wildlife and the outdoors...

3 5 hours ago Jennifer in Chepstow, United Kingdom
Job > Truck Driver


I recently was hired by a company. I had to travel half way across the country to do thier orientation. To keep it short I came up possitive for...

920 6 hours ago San in New York, New York
Job > Physical Therapy Assistant

PTA Laws & Regs Jurisprudence Exam for Florida

Hi guys, Just moved to Florida after graduating from PTA school in VA. My jurisprudence exam is coming up and I was wondering exactly how difficult...

705 6 hours ago B2000hill in Daytona Beach, Florida
Job > Freight Agent Broker

finding shippers

please!!!!!!!!!!! can someone just give me one good technique how to find companies that need shipping

46 7 hours ago KQJTEN9 in ATLANTA, Georgia
Company > Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits.

What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at Verizon Wireless? What do you like best about working at...

132 7 hours ago ResearchDr in Concord, North Carolina
Job > Transportation Security Officer

Working hours for Transportation Security Officer

For everyone that is a Transportation Security Officer, how long did it take for you to get a schedule that had weekends off? When your first...

4723 7 hours ago TheoJones23
Job > Truck Driver

Log Book Legal Question

I have a legal question about US regulations: US regulation 395.13 (b) (3) states: "A driver failing only to have possession of a record of duty...

245 7 hours ago POPAAD in Casper, Wyoming
Company > Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart Hiring Process - After PAT.

I'm scheduled for a Physical Abilities Test on Wednesday for the Wal-Mart DC in Washington Courthouse, OH and I was wondering how long after the test...

393 8 hours ago Kimberly in Colorado
General > How to Use Indeed

The Kimble Group, legitimate, spam, phishing?

I am receiving what appear to be unsolicited emails from an organization calling itself The Kimble Group. Both the emails and the website are of...

10 8 hours ago Derek in Denver, Colorado
Job > Flight Attendant

Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Candidates 2016.

Welcome Aboard Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Hiring 2016. This forums is set up for the new FA Hiring posting August 11/2016. Also the...

1002 8 hours ago Go 737 in Colorado Springs, Colorado
Job > Truck Driver

Team - Owner Operator with a Family - ALL comments welcome good or bad!

We own our own company in the restaurant industry. We are considering going into truck driving as a team owner operator with 2 children that are 8...

41 8 hours ago Ladybug
Company > FRITO-LAY


I recently applied for a maintenance position for Frito Lay,and was invited to attend orientation which consist of demonstration competencies in one...

47 9 hours ago Bonn2424 in Atlanta, Georgia
Job > Spanish Interpreter

joe hernandez interpreting course

I just want to say that I took Joe Hernandez course and passed the written exam in 11 weeks, the class prepares you very well and he emphasizes the...

4 9 hours ago lori in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Company > Target

If your thinking of working 4am Flow Team, please read

Ive been a 4am Flow team member for almost nine months now, I have been actively searching for a better job in my trade but regardless of what you...

8 9 hours ago TheTrapDoor in Fairfield, Ohio
General > How to Use Indeed

SECURITY RISK: no way to remove credit card info from

How does one remove their credit card information from the site??

1 9 hours ago*****.*** in Louisville, Kentucky
Job > Flight Attendant

United Airlines Spring/Summer 2018 classes (2017 interviews)

This forum is for potential FAs who get CJOs and interviews for the 2018 Spring/Summer training classes.

140 9 hours ago Former FA in Chi in Libertyville, Illinois
Company > Wal-Mart

Eligible r2

What does eligible r2 mean on the Walmart candidate dashboard?????

19 11 hours ago jingram2015 in Wetumpka, Alabama
General > Job Interviews

Waiting for the formal offer

I have had 4 interviews in a period of over a month now. About a week ago I contact them for a follow-up and the recruiter told me that they were...

1 11 hours ago Mike in Houston, Texas
General > Resume Tips

Anyone here have experience with a professional resume writing service?

I've been applying to an average of 5 jobs a week for the last 2 months with no invitations to interview. I'm getting kind of frustrated. I am...

19 11 hours ago Alexander Ronnald in Montréal, Quebec
Job > Ultrasound Technician


Hi i failed my cci echo exam my score was 601 i have the practice exam cd from gulfcoast ultrasound i was doing good on that but when i took the cci...

2472 12 hours ago psychobilly999 in Jersey City, New Jersey
Job > Pharmacy Technician

"PTCB test is easy to pass once you have the right book"

A lot of prospective pharmacy technicians don't know and they should know. That the national ptcb exam is a test similiar to the SAT/GED test....

1464 15 hours ago Brandy in Royal City, Washington
Company > Toronto Hydro Electric Systems

Any job opportunity

Hi I'm Kevin G. I'm seeking employment? I'm. Certified in numerous welding qualifications such as Tig ,Mig GMAW...FLUXCORE, PLASMA CUTTING AND...

0 15 hours ago Kevin Goongar in Scarborough, Ontario

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