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Job > Warehouse Associate

Coca Cola Company

I filled out an application for Cooca Cola 2 or 3 times,or more and then I go back into their sight they say your name is already in data base. They...

8 2 minutes ago beeee in Brampton, Ontario
General > Career Advice

Should I leave my job after 6 months

Around this time last year I made the decision to make a career change and relocate. Needless to say I had no results in either department for 8...

0 3 minutes ago Anonymous in Blackwood, New Jersey
Job > Hygienist

Polish before scale

Does anyone do this ? I'm working for a new young dentist & he feels this is the most "current" technique - responses ?

9 4 minutes ago Tracy Jacobs in Canton, Georgia
Job > Respiratory Therapist

Want to buy new edition used Kettering Review Book for Neonates/Pediatrics (NPS)

If someone wants to sell Kettering National Seminars Neonate/Pediatric Review book, please post. I need it ASAP. thanks

391 9 minutes ago Kendra Estrada in Galva, Kansas
Job > LPN

RN board challenge

I have been an LPN in Virgina for 10 yrs. I wonder if there is a way to challenge the RN NCLEX board?

89 10 minutes ago ltob in Deland, Florida
General > Career Advice

I am afraid I am going to get fired. Please help give me guidance to prevent this.

Hey all, I am a 24 year old guy working at a hospital in the kitchen doing simple work running trays around to patients, and making food. It comes...

7 25 minutes ago youdontkillmoney in Los Angeles, California
General > Career Advice

If it's so 'easy' to get a crappy minimum wage job, then why can't I get hired anywhere?

For example, I went to an open interview and I was dressed up nice, well groomed, prepared and organized. Everyone else look like they just rolled...

7 27 minutes ago youdontkillmoney in Los Angeles, California
General > Career Advice

Frustrated Job Seeker's Rant -- Feel Free to Add Your Thoughts

This is an open rant on behalf of every unemployed person who has been kicked to the curb. To employers who laid off staff: I hope you die a...

20325 43 minutes ago MyCon in Houston, Texas
Job > Flight Attendant

American Airlines-- waiting for a training date

Hey everyone. I made this discussion for those of us who have received our CJO's and have passed medical. Here is my timeline Applied...

42 54 minutes ago Jay_89 in Clarksville, Tennessee
Job > Corrections Officer

March 2013 Applicants for CDCR Correctional officer. Background, Psych, Medical

Hello everyone, I am a March 2013 applicant for CDCR to become a correctional officer. I am currently in the background check phase and I was...

2794 1 hour ago Lrod8447 in Stockton, California
Job > Esthetician

Laser hair removal technician

Hello! I'm a licensed esthetician and want to look into becoming a laser hair removal technician, I spoke to a admissions rep at ATI in dallas...

21 1 hour ago Carrie Ray
Company > Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman Interview Questions.

It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview...

156 1 hour ago ThePCTech in Urbandale, Iowa
Job > Physical Therapy Assistant

PTA salaries nationwide

Hi, I've been working as a PTA for 11 years and i'm currently making $32.50/hr working in an outpatient physical therapy office with minimal...

484 1 hour ago Faith in Cape Coral, Florida
Job > Nurse RN

No Jobs for Registered Nurses Anywhere

Hey All RN's . . . the reason we cannot find jobs is that medical assistants are taking them. They now work for doctors offices, blood banks,...

160 1 hour ago Tankweti in Pleasant Valley, New York
Job > Corrections Officer

NY Correctional Academy

Does anyone know if or when the next NYSDOC 8 week academy training is and how long before your eligibility expires?

21578 1 hour ago cohope85 in Roosevelt, New York
Company > T-Mobile

TMobile Background Check

Hi, I recently applied at TMobile and was told they wanted to move forward pending a background check. My ground check cleared a week ago but I...

1 2 hours ago DGT
General > Career Advice

Lost Job Offer Due to an Employee Referral

Yesterday, I received a call from the hiring manager stating that the company gave the offer to an internal referral candidate yesterday, in which...

7 3 hours ago Joshua Delon in Los Angeles, California
Job > Corrections Officer

CDCR June Acadamy 2011

Anyone else waiting?

14721 5 hours ago DeezUSC in Los Angeles, California
Company > Milltron Electric Inc

How to get a job at Milltron Electric Inc.

Do you work at Milltron Electric Inc? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

2 6 hours ago kosay in Burnaby, British Columbia
Job > Corrections Officer

CDCR November 2013 CO Applicants

I thought it would be a good idea to start a discussion for November applicants. Here's my timeline: Applied - November 2013 Written - January...

180 7 hours ago JAM32 in Fontana, California
Job > Occupational Therapist

Advice needed: can you do anything else with an MSOT degree besides hands on OT?

I have finished my OT program and will be taking my exam shortly. Now that I'm nearing actually working in the profession, I realize that I don't...

0 7 hours ago Daniellla in Chicago, Illinois
Job > Flight Attendant

American Eagle

Does anyone out here work for American Eagle? Just wondering how long the average reserve was considering they are a pretty big regional. Also...

12658 7 hours ago JoyfulLove in ft lauderdale, Florida
Job > Corrections Officer


Did anyone who applied in August 2013 receive ANYTHING via email yet?

1172 8 hours ago Jesse86 in Alhambra, California
Job > Nurse RN

Foreign applicants to become RN

I am writing this on behalf of a friend. She is a perioperative registered nurse in Vietnam. What are the specific steps to become an RN in...

55 8 hours ago Foreign Trained RN in Jamaica, New York
Job > Corrections Officer

Priors with completed court program

So I have decided to try for cdcr, everything about it sounds great and I am very excited. About me: 29, male, 6yrs marine corps res, veteran status,...

0 8 hours ago Jdp85 in Anaheim, California
Job > Physical Therapy Assistant

pta licensure exam review course

I have failed the Texas licensure exam twice and am having a difficult time finding tutoring, review courses that don't cost an arm and a leg, or...

1417 8 hours ago cristofer in Laguna Niguel, California
Job > Flight Attendant

DELTA airline F2F interview 2014

Does anyone had a f2f interview on 1/28 7:30am?

2771 8 hours ago skygirl1435 in Huntington Beach, California
General > Career Advice

Can things get any worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was suppose to go into this company for 2 days this past week. The manager said he wanted to see if I liked the job, and if I could do it. So, I go...

3 9 hours ago Ruby Slippers in Las Vegas, Nevada
Job > Occupational Therapist

How hard was your masters?

For those of you that have been through your masters hard was it? I hear some real bad horror stories and some stories that say it...

16 9 hours ago J in Monterey, California
Job > Corrections Officer

cdcr august 2014 academy

Anyone get called for the august 2014 academy???

0 9 hours ago d_haley in Lake Elsinore, California
Job > Flight Attendant

DELTA FA 2014 after F2F

Anyone who has had a F2F recently, have y'all received your training dates?

45 9 hours ago miamirjs in Mableton, Georgia
Company > southern california edison

southern california edison Interview Questions.

It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview...

6 10 hours ago Joanna in Anaheim, California
Job > Mortgage Loan Officer

Getting a mortgage loan officer job.

How did you get your start doing mortgage loan officer work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position? Do you need a...

41 10 hours ago Mrs Lily in Mclean, Virginia
Job > Flight Attendant

Republic, Shuttle, Chautauqua, North American, Trans States , and Air Wiscosin?

Any word on this airlines? How is to work with them and payment?

26910 10 hours ago Razernok in Fort Worth, Texas
Job > Flight Attendant


does anyone know when skywest has their training dates? i had an interview with them the other day and am still waiting to hear from them. the...

7800 10 hours ago Porsha Womack in seattle, Washington
Job > Nursing Home Administrator

NAB Exam VS. State Exam

Is it a requirement to take the state exam before the national exam? Anyone have study materials/exam questions for the NAB or the state of MA? Any...

139 10 hours ago flowergurl in Orange County, California
Job > Flight Attendant

Spirit Airlines...

I heard they were hiring, and it also shows up on the website. Does anyone know if this is true?

8911 11 hours ago Bailey25 in Toledo, Ohio
Job > Physical Therapy Assistant

PTA Liscence Exam

Hello, I just graduated from PTA school 3 weeks ago, my letter to test from the board will be here within a week. I got A's and B's during PTA...

761 11 hours ago JP in Plainsboro, New Jersey
General > Job Interviews

12 job interviews but no job offers

In the last 9 months of job searching I have had 12 different interviews, but zero job offers. Most of the interviews seem to go really well and the...

237 11 hours ago ventio in Winnipeg, Manitoba
General > Career Advice

Where are all junior software developer jobs hiding?

Hi. I have started wondering where are all junior software developer jobs? It seems there are none in NYC and surrounding areas. All the time I am...

0 11 hours ago SuarezURU in New York, New York
Job > Flight Attendant

Southwest Airline Flight Attendant Hiring 2014.

Hi Everyone, Southwest Airlines opened Flight Attendant Hiring 12/18/2013. I wanted to start a Fresh new forum for all of us so we can keep our...

2570 11 hours ago beckerson in Seattle, Washington
Company > Bates Trucking & Trash Removal

How to get a job at Bates Trucking & Trash Removal.

Do you work at Bates Trucking & Trash Removal? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to...

2 12 hours ago ventio in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Job > Corrections Officer

July 14, 2014 Academy

has anybody received their confirmation letter after accepting a prison?

77 12 hours ago DK in Oakland, California
General > Career Advice

Is 40 min(29-30 miles) drive too far for work?

I've been having a hard time finding a job to start my career in HR. I have a chance to take a job that fits my career goals but I'm a little...

33 12 hours ago Mark in Fremont, California
Job > Medical Coder

Coding Jobs without Experience

I was looking into several Medical Coding schools but I wanted to know if I could get a job without having any experience. The problem I am having...

110 12 hours ago D.L,CBCS in Houston, Texas
Job > Medical Technologist

Finally recieved my CA CLS Trainee License after 4 years! I need some advice.

I decided to go for a CLS training license a few months after graduating from college in summer of 2009. I majored in bioengineering so I had most...

2 12 hours ago ventio in Winnipeg, Manitoba
General > Career Advice

Depression and job searching

I've never had a real job in my life. I've done temporary things here and there over the past 3 years but I can't seem to get employed by anyone....

4 12 hours ago Doll in North Carolina
Job > Flight Attendant

American Airlines hiring flight Attendants 2013!!!!!

Hi all I just received information that Legacy carrier American Airlines will be hiring flight attendants for 2013!! Whether this true or not I'm...

53816 12 hours ago purser in Portland, Oregon
Job > Occupational Therapy Assistant

Are occupational therapy assistant job opportunities growing or declining?

Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing? Where are the jobs? Which places have the most occupational...

200 12 hours ago Davey in Austin, Texas
Company > AT&T

AT&T Training Process

I was just hired with AT&T for a Retail Sales Consultant and have not yet started my training process. It starts Jan 10, 2010 and I want to know if...

974 12 hours ago Brie0016 in Pennsylvania

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