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$16 dollars an hour is not a living wage

I don't care where you live.

48 3 hours ago tata in Houston, Texas
GE Healthcare

attention SCAM!!! fake job posts use GE Healthcare name

hi, i just wanted to let everybody know, that somebody is using GE Healthcare name to post fake jobs on indeed. I sent my resume online on indeed...

28 4 hours ago meloncondorshea@*****.*** in Houston, Texas
Capital One

Capital One Job Application Statuses

I recently applied for a position with capital. I was sent the link to complete the assessment and once it was completed the status on my application...

1 5 hours ago bb in Houston, Texas
Southwest Airlines

Hiring process

why do these companies allow you take drug test, background and fingerprint if you can just fail the drug test and not get hired. does southwest not...

6 5 hours ago MP33 in Boston, Massachusetts
Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Background Check

Do they verify all education? College and Highschool on their background check? I am worried because my grades werent great in college.

675 5 hours ago Alice Johnson in Georgia
UnitedHealth Group

UHG background and drug test

Hi, I recently received a verbal offer for UHG. I had a question about the drug test. How soon does the drug test have to be taken? I know some...

78 5 hours ago Tracy A in Deltona, Florida
Southwest Airlines

southwest airline hiring process?

I had a one on one interview today for the ramp agent position. I had the phone interview last week and was offered the one on one interview on the...

10262 6 hours ago Zubby04 in Conyers, Georgia

Hiring Process At AT&T

Does anyone know how long does it take for at&t staffing to contact applicants? I have done the background check but not the drug test. The hiring...

4184 7 hours ago 3787dfd in Detroit, Michigan

Toyota Hiring Process

I have completed stage one and received a letter to come back for stage two.This is a full days work. I beleive that it is work simulation...

11273 9 hours ago Ksss in Cambridge, Ontario
UnitedHealth Group

United Health Care

I do work here.. it is terrible. management doesn't know up from down... Employees are treated like mindless cattle... We are always hiring because...

209 11 hours ago Judy in Melbourne, Florida
Wells Fargo

Wells fargo background check

So I got arrested for shoplifting but not convicted will the wellsfargo call center still hire me

1 16 hours ago Jai in Camden, South Carolina
Wells Fargo

Can any one tell me how longs it will take for wellsfargo to get back to you after a second interview with managers

I had an interview 2 days ago, still no contact yet. Can someone tell me how longs it will take them to contact me.

1 19 hours ago Interviewee in Pompano Beach, Florida
Wells Fargo

How long does WF take to contact you after the second interview for a teller position?

Hi, Yesterday I went to the 2nd interview for a teller position. And They say they will send me an email saying yes or not. well, so i haven't...

12 19 hours ago Interviewee in Pompano Beach, Florida

job status says complete! but what does that mean?

this morning when i logged in to my account my status says COMPLETE! When would i know if i didn't get the job? Would it say not...

12 19 hours ago 3787dfd in Detroit, Michigan
ITT Technical Institute

ITT - Tech Is A SCAM!!!!!!!!!! DON"T DO IT!

From a former ITT-Tech instructor (4.5 years in Houston) - the school is a scam that preys on s tupid, uneducated (and uneducable) people for the...

1023 20 hours ago dude is mad cause they fired him in Jefferson City, Missouri
Progressive Insurance

How long after phone interview are you notified??

Hi everyone! I completed the phone interview last week Wednesday (Aug 17). It took about an hour and per the lady I interviewed with I did very...

1 1 day ago SomeGuySomewhere in Bradenton, Florida
Aerotek Commercial Staffing

Don't work for Aerotek

Aerotek is one of the worst staffing agencies next to Manpower. They don't follow up with applicants and the recruiters are rude and unprofessional....

285 1 day ago Trying to Help in Detroit, Michigan

I hate sears

This company is run buy apes i swear they dont see the associates that are working and the ones that are just doing nothing, YET they get all the...

241 1 day ago Black sheep in Ventura, California

Pay after you Buy a passport, driving license, ID cards, stamps at ((((((((

Hello, I am happy to share my experience with everyone especially those looking for means of survival and means to start over. I was able to get...

0 1 day ago Laurence880 in Atlanta, Georgia

UPS Rehire Policy

I worked at UPS for 8 1/2 years. I worked 1 year as a loader on the Local Sort and then I went into part-time management and left the union like an...

5 1 day ago Richard C. in Laurel, Maryland


I am looking for input on salaries and working conditions for Plumbers working for KBR IN Iraq?

93 1 day ago mikeCanada in Newmarket, Ontario
Compass Airlines

Compass open house on Sept 7th in lax

Anyone going to the Compass Airlines interview on the 7th of Sept in Lax?

0 1 day ago flight2010 in Cumming, Georgia
Home Depot

Applying at Home Depot is a complete waste of time

I recently attended a job fair and met Home Depot's Human Resources Manager, Janice Zassenhaus (Phone: 303-699-5006, ext. 457). She said that she...

151 1 day ago Associate in Albion, Michigan
Glades West Rehabilitation and Health Center

Drug test

What type of drug screening is done at this facility?

0 1 day ago Riles in Pompano Beach, Florida
Visium Florida

How to get a job at Visium Florida.

Do you work at Visium Florida? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

3 1 day ago pgarner in Apopka, Florida

USAA Interview Questions.

It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview...

120 1 day ago I'm cool in Tampa, Florida

Do NOT Work Here

If you're interested in any kind of CAREER, JOB SECURITY, EMPLOYER FAIRNESS, LOYALTY and HONESTY, do not work here. I worked for Sitel for over 1...

91 1 day ago John in Aurora, Colorado

Drug test

Hi does anyone know if Amazon in Oakland does a pee test or swab mouth?

1 1 day ago YungGoddess in San Pablo, California
Home Depot

Terminated from home deopt!`

About a month ago i was terminated from HD ! After more than four years of service they let me go for 4 tarties! Whats up with that. the are a few...

17 1 day ago Alund75
JPMorgan Chase

Series 6 exam

Can anyone who has taken this exam, explain to me how difficult the actual exam is? I am studying to take the test now and the practice test I have...

179 1 day ago Kennyb

How to get a job at Wal-Mart.

Do you work at Wal-Mart? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

178 1 day ago Hoodrich in Dallas, Texas

Comcast is evil

My experience with Comcast was painful, but short-lived. I was just coming out of school, badly needed a job, and took the Customer Account Executive...

57 1 day ago You must be kidding in Denver, Colorado

Just curious to see who going out to state for training.

I was just curious to see who is going out of state for training or they did how did they enjoyed the training? Excited about joining the team as a...

176 1 day ago DKS
State of Michigan

State of Michigan Interview Questions.

It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview...

1 1 day ago Jean in Toledo, Ohio

How to get a job at GEICO.

Do you work at GEICO? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

125 1 day ago Jamie Singress in Virginia Beach, Virginia
Clinica Las Mercedes

How to get a job at Clinica Las Mercedes.

Do you work at Clinica Las Mercedes? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

5 2 days ago mmechito27@*****.*** in Hialeah, Florida

Geico's credit check.

I have been hired by Geico. All I need to know is if I passed the background, credit and drug testing. Now I AM 100% sure I will pass background...

19 2 days ago Anonymous in King George, Virginia
Progressive Insurance

What happens if you don't pass the phone interview?

Hi,I just got notified that I was not selected after my phone interview. I saw somewhere that you can't take the on line test again till after 60...

1 2 days ago escae9583 in Chicago, Illinois

AT&T Hire Right Background Check

I was recently offered a Customer Service Rep job at AT&T and am currently undergoing a background check. My first job that I put was verified, but I...

114 2 days ago J23 in Allen, Texas
Southwest Airlines



495 2 days ago SWA stl in Dallas, Texas

How to get a job at Gentiva.

Do you work at Gentiva? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

1 2 days ago Bob in Knoxville, Tennessee
Brookdale Senior Living

Brookdale......not good!!!

This company is not good in any way. They market QUALITY CARE for its residents but in many cases border abuse and neglect. They also treat the...

326 3 days ago Very very concerned and disgusted in Florida

BASF - Geismar

Has anyone tested at Geismar this past week? Do BASF Operators make OT after 8 hours on EVERY shift? Curious.

1 3 days ago Dwdrummerrob in Clover, South Carolina
Lowes Home Improvement

Bad Work Schedule at Lowe's

If you like a organized and structured life do NOT work at LOWE'S. If you have a store level job at Lowe's you will have to keep your life...

29 3 days ago Laolson in Seattle, Washington
Walt Disney

How to get a job at Walt Disney.

Do you work at Walt Disney? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

84 3 days ago tflockuman in Hollywood, Florida
Robert Half

All Placement Agencies Are a JOKE!!!!

They have plenty of people on their books, they place ads like they have jobs galore and they are putting out to recruit more people just so you...

73 3 days ago Very sad in Nowhere

Non-Rehire Status

I have received my offer letter and tentative start date however, I received a call from my recruiter saying they may not be able to move forward per...

1 3 days ago Guy in Texas
Norfolk Southern

Training in GA for conductor, what do we expect?

What do we expect during training? How many days of the week? Hours? Test? Hotels? What do they do after school hours and weekends? ...

717 3 days ago Cwashington86 in Harvey, Louisiana
AXA Advisors

Don't get a job at AXA Advisors!!!!

This is the worst job I've ever had. If you're considering getting a job as a "financial consultant" do yourself a favor and go be a waiter instead....

70 3 days ago financechick in Kearny, New Jersey

UPS Transfers

Does anybody out there work for UPS and know if you can transfer. And if so is it within your district or region? My husband works there and he says...

20 3 days ago carthy123 in Hartford, Connecticut

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