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Wal-Mart Hiring Process - After PAT.

I'm scheduled for a Physical Abilities Test on Wednesday for the Wal-Mart DC in Washington Courthouse, OH and I was wondering how long after the test...

456 2 hours ago Megan in Houston, Texas

background check and drug testing

I just really want to know if Amazon has ever hired anyone who's background contained a misdemeanor? What type of drugs do they look for in the mouth...

140 7 hours ago Domonique in Palmetto, Florida

Contact with people.

I want to get a job at the call center. I would like to talk with people who work in Fedex, I want to understand whether it's worth to go on this...

0 9 hours ago Dollana in Ashburn, Virginia

fedex hiring process

I already interviewed with fedex and they sent me an email for take a drug test but i have not recieved a formal offer. Does this mean i will get...

108 9 hours ago Dollana in Ashburn, Virginia
Norfolk Southern

Training in GA for conductor, what do we expect?

What do we expect during training? How many days of the week? Hours? Test? Hotels? What do they do after school hours and weekends? ...

1785 9 hours ago GaTech in Atlanta, Georgia
Kohl's Corporation

Hiring Process at Kohl's

Hi. I went on my interview and got hired on the spot. A couple days later they sent me forms to fill out and one was an consent to do a drug test. ...

4 10 hours ago TheTempSeeker in Trial
UnitedHealth Group

Employment Check

While checking the background, who does the employment check? Is the check done for every employee and position? What info they ask for? and how far...

1 13 hours ago Georgiapeach27 in Atlanta, Georgia
UnitedHealth Group

Uhg- Criminal Background Policy

Hello everyone can any of you let me know if United health group will hire someone with a 7yr old petty theft offense on their record. Its a...

29 14 hours ago Georgiapeach27 in Atlanta, Georgia
Southwest Airlines

southwest airline hiring process?

I had a one on one interview today for the ramp agent position. I had the phone interview last week and was offered the one on one interview on the...

10790 14 hours ago Elizabeth_SWA in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Verizon Job Application Status

I jus had a face to face interview with Verizon yesterday, and today when I looked at my job stautus it chanced from "recruiter review" to "applied'"...

3 1 day ago Bluejay in Oakland, California
Aerotek Commercial Staffing

I used to work at aerotek in cleveland...i will answer all questions anyone has about them

ask away to anything pertaining to aerotek...i will help everyone

28 1 day ago Casey in Austin, Texas
Ernst & Young

How long is too long?

How does E&Y typically go about turning you down for a job? How long does it take? How long does it usually take to get an offer? Is a week or longer...

28 1 day ago KN in Des Plaines, Illinois

2 year grooming contract

if i go to the academy and sign the 2 year contract. the grooming salon manager said if i end up not liking it, i could do other parts of the store...

11 1 day ago Desbbb in Nashville, Tennessee
Fluor Corp.


Here you go Socalna, apply to be the mod and the Fluor folks have a place to chat :)

10945 1 day ago EJackson1 in Jacksonville, Florida



5 1 day ago Job seeker in San Jose, California

How long will i be under consideration job?

So I applied roughly a month ago, and received an email interviewing me to an onsite interview (skipped the phone interview I guess) went to the...

24 1 day ago Manda
Southwest Airlines



732 1 day ago Elizabeth_SWA in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Infinite Care Net

Infinite Care Net or Infinite Carenet

I am an office manager at a doctor's office. I just received a phone call from this "business". It sounded shady when I was on the line with them,...

1 1 day ago John in Dallas, Texas

UPS Rehire Policy

I worked at UPS for 8 1/2 years. I worked 1 year as a loader on the Local Sort and then I went into part-time management and left the union like an...

16 1 day ago Richard Closure in Chicago, Illinois

Things you should know about a sales position with AT&T wireless

First off, this position is not for anyone that has a family or by any means a LIFE!!! The hours they schedule for you give you no morning and no...

100 1 day ago JWJ in Chicago, Illinois

CVS/Pharmacy Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits.

What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at CVS/Pharmacy? What do you like best about working at...

71 2 days ago Author in Cornwall, New York
Progressive Insurance

How to get a job at Progressive Insurance.

Do you work at Progressive Insurance? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

223 2 days ago Jake in Willoughby, Ohio

How long does their background take?

I went to a hiring event march 11th. Got a offer to work in a new fulfillment center. Apparently passed the drug test but they are waiting for the...

48 2 days ago kimberly in Phoenix, Arizona
Capital One

Capital One Background Checks (Pre-Employment Screening)

I was wondering when you're offered a job from Capital One pending a background check what does their background check entail? I had a misdemeanor 12...

76 2 days ago shonshon1223 in Petersburg, Virginia
Capital One

Capital One Job Application Statuses

I recently applied for a position with capital. I was sent the link to complete the assessment and once it was completed the status on my application...

27 2 days ago shonshon1223 in Petersburg, Virginia
Bank Of America

BofA Applicant Screening Investigation (ASI)

For those of you who have questions regarding the ASI process at BofA, please ask away! I will do my best to help out.

582 2 days ago Hearthorse2017 in Ocala, Florida
Federal Government Jobs

Fed Hiring Manager Asked for Pay Statement

I interviewed for a fed civ position over a week ago and today I get an email saying I am being considered and they wanted a current pay...

0 2 days ago Cruiserbill in Indiana

Stryker Interview Questions.

It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview...

665 2 days ago David W in Austin, Texas
Job Interviews

Should I send an other message if I didn't hear from them for a job interview?

I applied for an Overnight position. The It manager sent me a message through LINKEDIN asking if I have ever worked overnight shifts before. And I...

1 2 days ago AtExit8 in City, New Jersey
American Eagle Outfitters

How to get a job at American Eagle Outfitters.

Do you work at American Eagle Outfitters? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

17 2 days ago Mirene, Puerto Rico in Duluth, Georgia

Avg response time after onsite interview

It's been 2 weeks since my onsite interview, I haven't heard back from Qualcomm. What is the average time for a response from the recruiter with...

1 3 days ago Collin A in Atlanta, Georgia
Booz Allen Hamilton

Booz Allen interview

I am a recent grad with a bachelors degree and secret clearance trying to obtain employment with Booz Allen. I was referred to the company and...

1 3 days ago csxmn in Alexandria, Virginia

comcast pre-employment

so i called CARCO they said i passed background, i called confirmed urine negative. So when will comcast contact me. All of this just today.

1 3 days ago JB in Clovis, California

Comcast Background

I received my job offer Monday 11/13 for Sales associate, door to door not in store sales. Completed drug test and and signed my offer Monday. Filled...

0 3 days ago JB in Clovis, California

Toyota Hiring Process

I have completed stage one and received a letter to come back for stage two.This is a full days work. I beleive that it is work simulation...

11836 3 days ago Koke in Stoney Creek, Ontario
forum/cmp/salary/salary Salaries Bonuses Benefits/forum/cmp/forum/cmp/salary

Salary - Patient Experience Advisor

I'm interviewing for a hospital Patient Experience Advisor position. I can't find salary info for this and am wondering if anyone knows what the...

0 3 days ago jobseekerphoenix in phoenix, Arizona
Lockheed Martin

Working with spouse at Lockheed Martin

I have recently been emailed by Lockheed Martin with a few questions regarding my location preferences, GPA, etc. So im hoping i get an interview...

1 3 days ago Mzu in Texas

AT&T Call Center Hiring Process OKC, OK

I had the teleconfrence on Nov. 27th Scheduled to take the assesment test Dec 4th. Passed the test and got a phone call on Dec 6th. I missed the call...

1 3 days ago Lady hennesy in Texas
Sedgwick CMS

Sedgwick background check

I am wondering if I have a misdemeanor (about 4 1/2 years ago) will be be a reason to denial of job offer? What would you suggest on how to come...

1 3 days ago JJ in Long Beach, California
JPMorgan Chase

Hiring process w/ Chase Bank

I have completed 3 interviews, phone, manager, district manager. All said I did great. Last interview was Thursday. Today is the following Tuesday...

63 3 days ago Feeling Helpless in Anywhere, Georgia

Customer Service Agent: Gate/Ticket - Ready Reserve

I have gone through the online assesment and phone interview, received the congratulations and am now waiting for the face to face interview. Has...

6878 3 days ago CorbyBrianna in Brooklyn, New York

How to get a job at Comcast.

Do you work at Comcast? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

377 3 days ago Ronnie in Littleton, Colorado
French Corner Cafe


Alexandra is a very rude individual. Drove all the way down from North Oceanside for an interview which she requested at a certain time. Upon...

0 3 days ago Robert Wilson in Oceanside, California
Home Depot

Home Depot RMA Testing

Hi, I'm thinking about going to the 2nd phase of HD interviewing- consisting of tests on customer service, leadership and business acumen. Any...

3 3 days ago witchyj58 in Cincinnati, Ohio

how long is the hiring process?

Monday I had an interview for a pharmacy tech position, that thursday I called thanking her for the interview and letting her know I was still...

14 3 days ago EliBeemo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I got a job at CVS but I'm worried about my background .

So I have a possession of marijuana under 20 grams . I did not plea guilty it was adjudication of gilt withheld and I'm on probation for it . Was...

6 3 days ago EliBeemo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

How to get a job at Coca-Cola.

Do you work at Coca-Cola? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

125 3 days ago Christina in Pikeville, Tennessee
Kaiser Permanente

Been applying for years, I feel like I'm cursed...

I have steadily been applying to Kaiser as a pharmacy technician for about 10 years so far I have 117 submissions since 2013 and 87 rejection emails....

0 3 days ago Chris in San Dimas, California

Role playing interview in Virginia Beach

I recently applied after a friend who is a current employee referred me. I went in for the computer test and passed, I went back in for the initial...

2 4 days ago AlluringEnigma in Indianapolis, Indiana

Do NOT Work Here

If you're interested in any kind of CAREER, JOB SECURITY, EMPLOYER FAIRNESS, LOYALTY and HONESTY, do not work here. I worked for Sitel for over 1...

131 4 days ago Nikki1005 in Moore, South Carolina

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