AFLAC opportunities and saturation in NJ (Central-North Jersey)

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Tom (in Jersey not PA) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

41 months ago

So I am currently considering AFLAC as my first real career opportunity (have an interview this Tuesday) and I just have a few questions. Before I get to them though, I'd like to provide a little information about myself so that I can paint a picture of my current situation:

I am 22 year old recent grad. with a BS degree from a university but it was not my desired degree (it was a by-product of pursuing a Doctorate which I am no longer pursuing). I have about 14 credits of graduate work towards an MBA (which I do plan on continuing, at least for now). I have had no work experience since high school and I have a lot of student loan debt. Luckily I am not on my own and have family that is helping me out with my living expenses. The loans are mine to pay, but they are helping to support me. I want my independence and I want to be able to start making a life for myself and my girlfriend (who is still in her associate degree program). Basically the last year of my life has been a huge character-building mess that has brought me to my current situation. I want to get out there, I want to cut my teeth, and I'm hungry.

I'm not the kind of person to walk into a new situation blindly however. I have read many negative comments about AFLAC and the high washout rate. I also have read the comments of successful agents. I'd like to think I'm cut out for sales but regardless I know I have what it takes to work hard. What I want to know is if I put in that hard work, can I at least hope to make a livable wage (at least after the first 6-8 months)? While I would like to be one of those people who makes six figures after only a few years working at AFLAC (and while I think I have the drive to be one), my goals are more realistic.

So my questions are:

How are the AFLAC opportunities in New Jersey? Is this fertile ground or is it super-saturated? Can I succeed (really succeed) here if I work my ass off? Honesty.

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Sam in Ashtabula, Ohio

41 months ago

Bottom line if you can be coached are willing to work hard understand that you are self-employed and can take rejection then you will make it. I am in my 31st year with Aflac and you couldn’t drag me away. Outside sales are tough and you need to be tough to be successful. This is not for the faint of heart. Good luck or should I say good work isn’t it funny how lucky people get when they work at it?

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